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This next episode is an incredibly interesting conversation that covers one of life’s most uncomfortable and danced-around topics: death. And who better to chat with than death doula Caroline Lee? Before we dive into the nitty gritty, let’s give you some background…

Caroline’s first awareness of death doula work came from her curiosity about “end of life planning” nearly five years ago. As the oldest of six kids (who are all very different), she began to wonder what would happen if someone died unexpectedly or wasn’t able to make decisions anymore. It would be familial chaos trying to guess what that sibling might have wanted. 

That’s when she discovered the “Advance Directive,” or a living will, and invited her siblings to fill them out so they could successfully communicate their wishes while they were all still able. From there, Caroline grew increasingly more curious about death and dying, and eventually completed her death doula training. She is also working on getting her Master’s in Somatic Psychology to be a licensed therapist focused on the mind-body connection.

So, what does Caroline’s work as a death doula entail, and what steps can you take to prepare yourself? Listen in now for all the juicy details and find pared down points from the pod below. 

Write Your Wishes

Working with Caroline, you will write your five wishes around medical decisions and what you would like to have done with your body. Having someone who’s well-versed in the topic and is able to support you during the hard conversation can be hugely helpful to figure out what exactly the options are, and how to go about them.  

Have a ‘Payable on Death’ on Your Bank Account

This is an important detail most people overlook. A Payable on Death is an individual who is designated by the owner of a bank account to receive the balance of funds when the owner passes. 

Share Your Passwords

You will need whoever you trust most to gain access to your phone, computer, accounts, etc. Think of it as an act of compassion for the ones you love! 

Supportive Tools to Cope with Grief or the Prospect of Death

  • Psychedelic assisted therapy — this can be hugely helpful for those with palliative anxiety, which is the anxiety around the uncertainties of living with a serious illness or approaching death.
  • Death meditations — this can help you visualize an outcome, whether that’s for you or someone else in your life. This is a powerful one from a Buddhist monk. 
  • Know who you can call when you’re going through it — this could be a friend, a therapist; having that safe person in your life is incredibly helpful. And if you’re the person on the other end of this, just know that you can’t fix someone who’s sad. Sometimes all you can do is just be with that person and say I see you, I’m here for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to cry — crying releases cortisol in your body and is a natural way to relieve stress. 

As always, tune into the episode to dive deeper into these essential nuggets of information! And be sure to share your thoughts with me on IG: @shoporganicolivia.

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