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    In this next episode of What’s the Juice, I had the opportunity to chat with the amazing Dr. Neeta Bhushan — former cosmetic dentist turned mental health coach, social entrepreneur, international speaker, and best-selling author behind the new book That Sucked. Now What? Before you tune in, I’ll let you know this — Neeta’s life has not been an easy one. She lost three immediate family members within the span of just three years, completely altering her life’s trajectory. Neeta later found herself stuck in an incredibly toxic marriage, resulting in a major wake-up call and healing journey that would redefine her life as she knew it. Our conversation is jam-packed with essential nuggets of information, like how imperative it is to find joy wherever you can, and a brief introduction to what’s known as the “Bounce Factor,” a four-step tool to determine your resiliency:

    Examining your upbringing.
    Leaning into “good” stress and doing what challenges/scares you.
    Emotional capacity — i.e. your ability to “feel the feels.”
    Radical self-awareness — i.e. your ability to tune into your life and see what’s going well or not going well.

    Press play now and let me know what you think via IG:

    Connect with Neeta Bhushan:
    IG: instagram.com/neetabhushan
    Website: neetabhushan.com
    Book: neetabhushan.com/pre-order

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  2. S3ES25

    In this episode of What’s the Juice, I had the honor of chatting with brain-genius Louisa Nicola, Founder & Director of Neuro Athletics: a data-driven neuroscience company that provides athletes with scientific strategies to achieve peak performance. Tune in as we delve into the nitty gritty science of how the brain works, and what you can do specifically from home to optimize neuroplasticity and cognition, including:

    Minimum 8 hours each night, following the 80% rule
    Natural sunlight as soon as you wake up, for at least 5 minutes
    Avoiding and/or dimming artificial light come evening
    Pitch-black environment for optimal sleep

    Zone 2 Training — achieve about 65% of your maximum heart rate
    For example: Walk an incline of ~8-10 around a speed of 3.8 mph for around 30 minutes

    Focus on 70% of your 1-repetition max (find the maximum weight you can handle for 1 rep, then use 70% of that weight for at least 6 sets/4 reps each)
    Learn how to squat well and focus on compound movements
    Invest in a trainer over supplements

    Inhale twice, then exhale (this mimics crying/hyperventilation)
    Infrared light to reduce neural inflammation
    Ice baths to create new mitochondria
    Two grams of both EPA and DHA daily

    Connect with Louisa:
    Website: neuroathletics.com.au
    IG: @louisanicola_

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  3. S3E24

    This next episode is an incredibly interesting conversation that covers one of life’s most uncomfortable and danced-around topics: death. And who better to chat with than death doula Caroline Lee? As a death doula, Caroline offers support to those navigating diagnoses, those coping with the prospect of death and/or someone who has passed, and even those who are young and proactively creating an end-of-life plan. Listen in as we discuss what steps you can take to prepare yourself and your family, including:

    Writing your wishes
    Designating a ‘Payable on Death’ on your bank account
    Sharing/receiving account passwords
    Coping with grief and/or prospect of death via psychedelic assisted therapy, death meditations, and more

    Press play now for helpful insights and, as always, let me know what you think!

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  4. S3E23

    This is THE most important conversation I may ever share on this podcast, and it’s been years in the making. We’ve recorded, scrapped, and re-scheduled this interview several times, and I think it’s no coincidence that the timing worked out this way when I finally, myself, GOT the message from our guest and started putting her advice into practice in real life… so that I could be an example and testament to what she’s teaching today. Have you heard that doctors receive less than 20 hours of nutrition training in total during medical school in the US? Today’s guest, who has been my doctor for the last almost 6 years – is a physician with a passion for nutritional science that defies this statistic and has dedicated her life to helping ALL of us understand the importance of (and dispel the myths around) nutrition and more specifically, dietary protein. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon began her path by studying nutritional science, and then decided she wanted to go above and beyond food alone, keeping the principles with her but deepening her training to a point where she could care for patients on any and every level. After going through medical school, she completed 2 years of training in psychiatry and 3 years of family medicine. She eventually became board certified, and continued her education yet again with a post-doc in nutritional sciences, geriatrics, and obesity medicine. Today she practices what she has coined “muscle-centric medicine”. She is committed to shifting our paradigm of healing chronic disease and optimizing human health from the obesity paradigm to the muscle paradigm, and she is going to explain to us today why muscle is about SO much more than fitness or looking good in a bikini. And, why it’s not just for fitness enthusiasts alone — it’s important for us to start building RIGHT HERE AND NOW at ANY AGE to begin reversing chronic disease processes. She’s going to cover:

    – How muscle improves metabolic markers relevant to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and PCOS – because skeletal muscle is our primary site for disposing of the glucose aka carbohydrates we eat in our diets (and if we don’t have muscle, there’s nowhere for it to go!)

    – How this ties into the picture of preventing or delaying Alzheimer’s, which is often called “type 3 diabetes of the brain”

    – Why Alzheimer’s starts 20+ years before it actually presents and is a disease of mid-life, not old age (plus what to do now in your 20s, 30s and 40s)

    – Why muscle is an endocrine organ that just as important as your thyroid, and produces biochemistry-altering compounds just like the thyroid produces hormones!

    – How muscle is essentially alive, and is a nutrient-sensing organ – it quite literally senses the amino acids we consume via diet, and how this sensitivity decreases as we age

    – What protein threshold per meal you need to build muscle

    – The difference between plant and animal protein in terms of amino acid quality

    – Why leucine is the most important amino acid and why we need more as we age

    – How much protein you should be eating based on your body weight

    – How hormone changes and menopauses affect this picture

    – Why body composition matters and how excess adipose tissue affects the brain

    – And EXACTLY what you can start doing TODAY to become healthier, sharper, and hormonally optimized as you age. I always tell Dr. Lyon that she quite literally saved my life; the fact that I was able to receive this information NOW has allowed me to have a much better chance in my future when it comes to the Alzheimer’s disease that runs in my family. She got me to see that I CAN go to the gym even if that felt scary at first, I CAN build muscle, and that it IS my best shot at a healthy brain as I age, putting the power back in my — and now your — hands.

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  5. S3E22

    This season of the podcast, I’ve been working to define vitality and well-being through a framework I call the “10 Pillars of Health.” While many health experts boast a profound sense of knowledge in one or two pillars specifically, my next guest — the acclaimed Dr. Kara Fitzgerald — is incredibly well-versed in all 10.

    In fact, Dr. Fitzgerald’s latest book, “Younger You: Reduce Your Bio Age and Live Longer, Better,” explores the science behind longevity and her discovery of a three-year reversal of biological aging, so you know I had to get the deets. In this revelatory conversation, we cover how the following can actually hack your epigenome:

    Methyl-donor nutrients (found in whole foods like beets, eggs, leafy greens, mushrooms, seeds, etc.)
    Methylation adaptogens (quercetin, circumin, resveratrol, green tea, etc.)
    Oxytocin release

    And more. As always, tune into the episode to dive deeper into these essential nuggets of information. And be sure to share your thoughts with me on IG: @shoporganicolivia.

    Connect with Dr. Fitzgerald:
    Website: drkarafitzgerald.com
    Book: youngeryouprogram.com/book
    IG: instagram.com/drkarafitzgerald

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  6. S3E21


    This week on What’s the Juice Podcast, I’m diving into why I ultimately decided to give up caffeine, how it impacts your mind and body (particularly from a Traditional Chinese Medicine standpoint), and how my life has been without it thus far. It hasn’t been the easiest journey, but it has truly allowed me to live my greatest, juiciest life. Listen in and discover the benefits of cutting it out, like better sleep and higher libido (the list goes on), how I was able to counter the withdrawal effects with minerals, vitamins, protein, and more, plus where I’m at now. Spoiler alert: I feel the best I’ve ever felt.

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  7. S3E20

    In this episode I’m sitting down with Megan Blacksmith and Dr. Alex Golden, the force behind Zesty Ginger, to talk about the power of the subconsciousness and how brain chemistry is a deciding factor for everything in your daily life. After individually dealing with chronic hormonal imbalances, the duo developed what’s known as the Four Phase Cycle Approach to help women regain control over their health. In this episode, we had the opportunity to discuss an array of incredible topics, including everything from the irrefutable mind-body connection to seven practical steps you can take to “heal,” whatever that means to you.

    To quote Dr. Alex “you cannot exist in a fragmented place” — meaning, you have to account for your complete health while trying to achieve your goal, whether that’s losing weight or regulating your cycle. This is where the “Four Bodies” come in: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. In order to reach total fulfillment where happiness and wellness merge, you must nurture the mind-body connection. Simply put, you could take the most amazing supplements in the world, but if you’re not nourishing your mental health, the effort is futile.

    It goes without saying this process takes time. Lucky enough, Dr. Alex and Megan have created a 12-week online Health Transformation Accelerator that teaches you the exact process they use to get the most out of not only health, but life.

    As always, tune into the podcast for all of the juicy goodness, and be sure to share your thoughts with me on IG: @shoporganicolivia. I can’t wait to hear what you think!


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  8. S3E19

    In this week’s episode, I had the utmost honor of chatting with Dr. Heather Moday about the complexity of the immune system and how we can help it function at its highest potential. Dr. Heather Moday is an acclaimed immunologist and functional medicine practitioner who has spent the last 25 years helping people like us take control of our lives by optimizing nutrition, lowering stress, and improving vitality. Turns out there are several tangible tools that we can implement into our daily lives to find balance. As you tune into the episode, I’ve created a simple outline for you to reference along the way.

    We cover:
    Testing for inflammation
    Fasting glucose levels
    C-reactive protein (which is more specific for inflammation)
    Ferritin level (increases with inflammation)
    Homocysteine levels
    The four different types of immune functionality and how to find homeostasis in the body for each
    Gut health and the immune system
    Non-negotiable foods, vitamins, and minerals for proper immune function
    And so much more!

    As always, tune into the episode to learn all of these essential nuggets of information. And be sure to share your thoughts with me on IG: @shoporganicolivia.

    Connect with Dr. Heather Moday:
    Follow @theimmunitymd on IG
    Website: https://modaycenter.com/

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  9. S3E18

    Did you know you might be mal-illuminated? If you’re not getting enough exposure to full-spectrum UV light (aka soaking up some sun), your cells might not be working as well as they should. Here to *enlighten* us about how our bodies use UV light and how red light therapy can be beneficial is physical therapist and founder/CEO of BioLight, Dr. Mike Belkowski.

    We’ll go over how red light and infrared light therapy works, some of the things it can be used for, and why we all probably need to get outside more. Let’s get juicy!

    PS – Thanks to Dr. Mike, I started using a travel-sized red light device from his line called the Shine. I became a believer when my digestion was off the day we filmed this podcast, and he told me to put it directly on my stomach for 10 minutes and see if I felt a difference. Not only did my stomach ache get better – my mind felt calmer too, which he explained is because red light therapy works on the gut-brain axis. I’ve truly loved this device ever since and keep it next to my bed in case I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep (a few minutes on my forehead or stomach works like a charm to calm my mind down). I’ve also used it for headaches and a mood boost in the winter months!

    If you feel inspired after hearing about red light and want to try the same device I use, BioLight extended code ORGANICOLIVIA (all caps) for a discount on any of their products.

    Shop with code ORGANICOLIVIA: https://www.biolight.shop/?ref=oliviaamitrano

  10. S3E17

    Welcome back to another episode of Ask the Herbalist! This week, I’m answering listener questions about nicotine, cannabis, finding purpose, and how to start eating healthier without feeling overwhelmed. I really love getting the chance to share my personal experience by answering your questions. If you’d like to leave us a message you can do so at 929-591-6432.

    A juicy offer from our sponsor, Pique Tea: Limited Time Special Offer: Get 5% off + a FREE blooming tea pouch (containing 20 premium tea samples) when you buy 2+ cartons of their Daily Radiance. Link: piquelife.com/organicolivia with code ORGANICOLIVIA. Note: Offer only works with the link above.

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  11. S3E16

    Welcome back to our beloved Dr. Kara MoraMarco-Kendrick: a Doctor of Acupuncture (DAOM), a board-certified California Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc), and the owner of Aculand in Los Angeles.
    As a new mom, Kara is ready to share all the juice when it comes to preconception nourishment, pregnancy survival tips, and postpartum wisdom. In this episode, we’re chatting about how to “prepare the palace” before conception and all the things you can do to set yourself up for a positive journey, all the way to delivery. I love Dr. Kara’s holistic perspective as a practitioner, plus all of the tips from her personal experience that she has to share. Let’s get juicy!

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  12. S3E15

    This season is all about getting in touch with, listening to, and supporting your body—and that includes your skin. Did you know your skincare routine might actually be damaging your skin or preventing it from doing its job?

    Here to help us pare down our routine to let our skin microbiome thrive is the lovely Nadine Artemis. Nadine is the creator of the natural beauty & lifestyle brand Living Libations and author of ​​Renegade Beauty and Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums.

    Nadine will explain:

    – why feeding and protecting our topical microbiome is the way to healthy skin

    – why we’re simply “hosts to a bacterial banquet” and need to preserve those little guys for long term, inside-out beauty

    – why we don’t just have one microbiome, we have different and unique types (oral, vgaginal, ear nose throat, gut, skin); and how the microbiome of the face is completely different from the palms or armpits

    – how to “let bacteria be the beautician” and stop stripping our skin so we can build back up the bugs we were meant to have

    – what products strip the microbiome and how to “stop, seal, and seed” to repopulate our bugs

    – why oil cleansing is the best thing you can do for your skin and how to do it properly

    – why our skin was designed to function and thrive with a healthy amount of exposure to sunlight

    – the difference between getting real sun and supplementing Vitamin D + why we need all the wavelengths for our Vitamin D receptors and mitochondria

    – how to avoid sunburn and sun damage by supporting your mitochondria with key nutrients, red light therapy, and gradual sun exposure

    – everything you need to know about microbiome-friendly oral care

    – how the lymphatic system interacts with our gums and teeth, and why brushing our gums and caring for the lymph within the mouth is key

    – Nadine’s 7 steps to a healthier oral microbiome

    – how putting therapeutic oils on your floss can help deliver therapeutic ingredients to your gums + in between your teeth!

    Let’s get juicy!

    This episode is sponsored by my friends at Pique! For 5% off plus a free gift use code organicolivia HERE

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  13. S3E14

    Autoimmune disease, including Hashimoto’s, seems to be on the rise these days. Why are autoimmune issues so common, what factors influence their development, and—most importantly—how can we best support our bodies on a root cause level?

    Here to help us answer those questions is Marc Ryan, also known as “Hashimoto’s Healer,” a licensed acupuncturist & herbalist, author of two books on Hashimoto’s, and functional medicine expert.

    Marc is going to break down:
    – the best diet for autoimmune disease (especially thyroid conditions)
    – the true root causes of autoimmune imbalances from a functional medicine perspective
    – Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) take on what organs and meridians are affected, and how to help
    – why each gland in the body (pineal, pituitary, thyroid) has an emotional and spiritual aspect relating to everything from feeling like we’re part of a community, to speaking our truth, to having a deep sense of purpose
    – why TCM’s pattern of “Liver Qi Stagnation” is important to understand with all autoimmune disease (and how the sun actually supports our liver meridian)
    – why circadian rhythm is important for autoimmunity and the liver
    – how to keep a food journal to understand what foods may be triggering imbalances in your gut microbiome (and why noting emotional reactions like feeling down after certain foods or tension in your jaw is just as important as physical reactions)
    – why social connection plays a major role in thyroid and all autoimmune disorders
    – why being a part of the cycle of your food (soil->plate->compost), instead of being disconnected from its origin, matters for your gut health just as much as what you eat

    I love this episode because Marc is so knowledgeable about the tangible things we can do in terms of diet, gut health, and reducing inflammation — and yet he isn’t afraid to get a little spiritual and explore the intangible things that drain the human spirit and end up manifesting physically. Let’s get juicy!

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  14. S03E13

    Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in this life? Like, what would make your soul the happiest and most fulfilled? This week’s guest has a way for us all to find out.

    I’m thrilled for you all to meet best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and intuitive healer Nikki Novo. She’s teaching us the basics of tapping into our own energy, learning (or remembering) our soul’s purpose, and how to start living a heart-centered life. Let’s get juicy!

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  15. S3E12

    Welcome to the very first Ask the Herbalist episode! This week, I’m answering your questions on hypothyroidism, thyroid support, and more. As someone who has experienced thyroid issues firsthand, I know how frustrating it is to experience symptoms, to get a diagnosis, and then to be left wondering how to deal with this condition for the rest of your life.

    On the flip side, I also know from firsthand experience just how empowering it is to be able to support your thyroid hormones and actually notice positive changes. In this ep, I’ll share what I’ve learned about nourishing your thyroid hormones through diet, lifestyle, & herbs + how to advocate for yourself in a doctor’s office and more. Let’s get juicy!

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  16. S3E11

    This is the episode we didn’t know we needed– EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT A PARENT! I took so much value from this convo with Dr. Siggie Cohen because although she is a renowned parenting expert… what she’s really teaching us today is how to be a compassionate, boundaried human that knows how to meet another human (big or little) exactly where they are.

    Parenting is one of the most challenging tasks we can take on; partially because raising a tiny creature with really big emotions takes a LOT of patience and energy, but also because of the way our reactions to those big emotions tell us about how we’re parenting our own inner child.

    Dr. Siggie is a child and family therapist with over 35 years of experience. As a parenting expert who works with toddlers through teens, Dr. Siggie covers how best to connect with your kids in a way that benefits both you and them. By putting our egos aside and consistently asking “what’s underneath the surface of the conflict in front of me?,” we can experience healthier interactions with not only our children, but within all other relationships in our lives.

    “Your goal is not to make your child’s life easy, it’s to show them they can do hard things.” Dr. Siggie believes that you don’t always want your child to be happy— in fact, they MUST learn to not only recognize but sit with other emotions as well (like frustration, jealousy, boredom and disappointment) in order to function through life’s challenges. By teaching our kids to be mindful and accepting of the full spectrum of difficulty and joy, we actually protect them from dismissing, denying, or being overtaken by any one of these complex feelings.

    Likewise, when we’re feeling unhappy ourselves (perhaps we’ve “failed” at an important project or made a major mistake), Dr. Siggie talks us through how to both practice and model productive, solution-oriented self-reflection, using every bump in the road as a learning opportunity for ourselves and the little ones that look up to us.

    Whether you have kids, are thinking about having kids, or simply want to reparent yourself, these tips should help you foster healthier relationships with yourself, your kids, and others in your life. Let’s get juicy!

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  17. S3E10

    Perspective is everything. How we see the world and what’s happening in our lives can absolutely affect our reality. But with simple shifts in our thought patterns and our daily habits, we can shape our worlds for the better.

    How? Enter: Liz Moody. This week’s guest is a healthy cookbook author, magazine editor, wellness blogger, and host of the Healthier Together podcast. And she’s got tons of tricks to share—learned from personal experience, research, and having therapists for parents (and in-laws!).

    From a 10-minute habit each morning to some everyday mindset shifts to communication tips, there’s SO MUCH packed into this ep! Let’s get juicy!

    Psst: Catch me on Liz’s podcast Healthier Together—episode dropping soon!

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  18. S3E09

    My London recap is here! This ep is extra special because it wasn’t planned at all. You all had just shared so many thoughtful comments, messages, and hotline voicemails with me about my solo trip to London that I knew I had to share everything I learned with you. If you didn’t already know, I recently went on my very first solo vacation to London, and it was nothing short of life changing. It was TRULY the greatest thing I’ve ever done for my soul and spirit.

    Tune in to hear what time spent alone in my favorite city in the world taught me. Maybe it’ll even inspire you to plan a trip of your own! Let’s get juicy!

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  19. S3E08

    Not all stress is bad stress.

    We’ve been taught to avoid and reduce stress as much as we possibly can—but maybe we’ve been approaching it all wrong. What if we could reframe the stress life throws at us into an opportunity for change or growth or connection?

    This week’s guest, Kelly McGonigal, PhD is a bestselling author, psychologist, and educator, who’s here to help us find the upside of stress. She’s teaching us how stress affects our body, how our mindset can help influence that effect, and how we can harness our stress responses for good. Let’s get juicy!

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  20. S3E07

    Later this season, you’ll hear an ep about why I gave up caffeine—and how I needed to hold a “funeral” for my caffeine addiction, convincing all parts of my body that coffee needed to go. This week’s guest is the reason for that powerful moment, who sat with me while I layed on her table and finally let my dependency go!

    Julie Tracy is a craniosacral therapist, visceral manipulator, and lymphatic drainage therapist – as well as a very important part of my personal healing journey. If you remember my 28th birthday “dose of self-awareness” episode, Julie helped me to reconnect with my body and my heart during a time when I was feeling extremely lost and disconnected, by talking me through an exercise where I quite literally spoke to my organs (and had a campfire with them!). Julie helps people release tension and emotions, while teaching them how to fully connect with every part of their body. On the pod this week, she’ll share actionable ways and exercises to reestablish a brain-body connection, while teaching us how to communicate with our organs and get in tune with what our bodies need. Get ready to give yourself (and every individual part of you) a big hug. Let’s get juicy!

    P.s. We’re answering your questions from IG at the end of the ep!

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  21. S3E06

    Got hormone complaints? Feeling super frustrated and bloated before your period? Does it sometimes feel like you’re ‘stuck’ in life and can’t quite see your vision for the future or how to execute it? Is alcohol feeling harder and harder on your body as you get older? Let’s talk about the Liver meridian in Chinese Medicine, and how something called “Liver Qi Stagnation” affects us all today because of our modern, fast-paced, often stressful lives. We’ve got you with a full breakdown AND the antidote — ways to help your Liver Qi flow free and smooth, so that you feel more emotionally balanced, have better periods, and can let out your anger and emotions in a healthier way when stressed. Plus, we’ve got an extra special guest from Team OO this week – our Director of Digital Marketing, Mina Hadjian is on the mic with me to help translate this complex TCM convo to real life situations – like a friend in the room with us that always asks the best questions 🙂 We’re talking about why Liver Qi Stagnation is so common, how it’s connected to your hormones, what signs to look out for, and what happens if you ignore your body’s signals and let things fester. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with tangible steps to help support your liver and hormones. Let’s get juicy!We all know one thing our periods (or lack thereof) can tell us: whether or not we’re pregnant. But that’s not even half of what all this time of the month can tell us about our health. This week’s guest is Nicole Jardim (aka “Period Girl”). She’s a Certified Women’s Health Coach, author of the book Fix Your Period, and host of The Period Party podcast. We’re going over how and why to track your periods, what they don’t tell you about birth control, why ovulation is important for overall health, and tangible ways to support your hormones. This ep is essential listening for anyone with a period—PERIOD. Let’s get juiiiicy!

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  22. S3E05

    PSA: The pill isn’t the only answer to taking control of your fertility. And—let’s be real—it’s DEFINITELY NOT the best one. Turns out, our bodies are powerful AF, and they are expert communicators. We just have to learn to be better listeners.

    This week’s guest is Lisa Hendrickson-Jack. Lisa is the creator of the Fertility Friday blog & podcast and best-selling author of The Fifth Vital Sign. She is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner. So honored to have her walk us through the basics of tracking your fertility and supporting your menstrual cycle & overall health.

    Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoid it, these tips might just change your life. No hormones, no pills, no side effects—just you TRULY getting to know how your body works.

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  23. S3E04

    Got hormone complaints? Feeling super frustrated and bloated before your period? Does it sometimes feel like you’re ‘stuck’ in life and can’t quite see your vision for the future or how to execute it? Is alcohol feeling harder and harder on your body as you get older? Let’s talk about the Liver meridian in Chinese Medicine, and how something called “Liver Qi Stagnation” affects us all today because of our modern, fast-paced, often stressful lives. We’ve got you with a full breakdown AND the antidote — ways to help your Liver Qi flow free and smooth, so that you feel more emotionally balanced, have better periods, and can let out your anger and emotions in a healthier way when stressed. Plus, we’ve got an extra special guest from Team OO this week – our Director of Digital Marketing, Mina Hadjian is on the mic with me to help translate this complex TCM convo to real life situations – like a friend in the room with us that always asks the best questions 🙂 We’re talking about why Liver Qi Stagnation is so common, how it’s connected to your hormones, what signs to look out for, and what happens if you ignore your body’s signals and let things fester. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with tangible steps to help support your liver and hormones. Let’s get juicy!

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  24. S3E03

    There’s one thing that can help support your liver in clearing toxicants and excess hormones more than anything on this planet. It’s not a cleanse, it’s not an herb, but the time-tested longevity-boosting food as medicine: BEANS. As the richest natural source of soluble fiber, beans are truly the magical “fruit,” but what’s really happening on a cellular level when we up our fiber? How do beans even bind to those toxins in the first place? How can they also lower the dreaded stress hormone, cortisol, with their binding power?! I’m excited to follow up our Season 2 convo with Unique Hammond with this week’s episode.

    Get ready to meet Unique’s mentor & the “Bean Queen” herself: biochemist & nutritionist Karen Hurd. We’re talking about exactly *how* soluble fiber removes toxins from the body (including where, why and how your body releases the bile they’re contained within), how many health concerns it can improve (including endometriosis and PCOS), and how easy it is to incorporate this healing tool into your daily life. Psst: This is the convo that inspired me and my producer to give up caffeine—find out why and the strong opinions Karen has to express about stress hormones and our daily cup of joe. Let’s get juicy!

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  25. S3E02

    Today I sat down with one of my best friends Nina Passero, FDN-P, to have a raw conversation about everything from the importance of eating breakfast for hormones, to the risks of birth control and the importance of self-advocacy, to the ugly truths of some of the toughest moments we experienced while struggling with our health and searching for answers. Nina went through one of the most difficult chronic health journeys I’ve witnessed: from PCOS to gastritis, extreme hair loss, endless food intolerances, gut infections, fatigue and brain fog – and yet never stopped digging for the root causes and remedies that would actually make a lasting difference. After trying every health fad and extreme in the book, from raw veganism to an “orange fast” to autoimmune elimination diets, today she’s the healthiest she’s ever been after blocking out the noise and focusing on what she calls the “foundational basics”: food-as-medicine staples that helped to heal her gut, fueling her body frequently enough (and with the right nutrient without restriction), and doing some deep emotional work that helped to build her stress-management + mindset toolbox. Nina has been able to transform her hardships into invaluable wisdom, becoming a talented functional practitioner who helps women around the world achieve food freedom, balance, hormone and gut health.

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  26. S3E01

    Did you know that 90% of healthy, non-diabetics experience harmful blood glucose spikes from common foods like breakfast cereals? And that no matter how optimal your fasted labs are, the extent of your blood sugar fluctuations throughout the day matter can determine the health of your hormones and inflammation? That means blood sugar matters for all of us, and there’s so much you can do to balance it *today,* without spending a dime. What if we told you you could regulate your glucose levels, increase your energy, burn more fat, reduce sugar cravings, experience more regular cycles, improve your skin health, and so much more…all while still getting to eat the things you love? Well, it’s possible to have your cake and eat it, too—and this week’s guest is spilling (almost) all of her easy food hacks (along with the science to back them up) to help get your body back on track. You’re not gonna want to miss the absolutely delightful Glucose Goddess herself, biochemist Jessie Inchauspé. Let’s get juicy!

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