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It’s no secret that I’m VERY pro girl gang. I absolutely love learning about women, surrounding myself with women, and getting to know who I am as a woman. I totally believe in the power of the divine feminine, which is exactly why I refer to herbs as ‘she’s (hello, “Who is She” series). We are here to heal, nurture, empower, and bring some much needed to yin to a very yang-dominate world.

A couple weekends ago we were all given the opportunity to reflect on the women who have shaped our lives: Our mothers. Now, I’m not ONLY talking about biological mothers here. We can also use Mother’s Day to recognize the amazing women who have guided us along our journey, and they are just as worth celebrating! 

Many of you know that my relationship with my mama hasn’t always been the easiest, but there’s zero doubt in my mind that it has made me who I am today. It’s because of her that I’ve learned to be both soft AND strong and it’s because of our bond that I became interested in psychology, began to work through my own dysfunctional behavior, and was able to discover a deeper compassion for myself and others. My relationship with my mom is a testament to the fact that women have SO much to learn from each other and we are insanely powerful when we band together.

On that note, here’s the juice on this week’s pod guest: Alisa Vitti. Alisa is someone who has taught me SO MUCH about what it means to be a woman. She’s a wellness queen, researcher, and author, and in this episode of What’s The Juice, we talk all about biological cycles and something super eye opening: The Infradian Rhythm.

Ready to have your mind blown? 


I’m going to start with some fast facts that Alisa spilled in the pod because seriously… W-O-W.


  • 47% of women struggle with hormone and autoimmune issues, as opposed to just 10% of men.
  • Most research in the nutrition and fitness world is conducted on men and post-menopausal women.
  • In 1996, the NIH put out a special task force committee to encourage researchers to include women in human clinical trials, but progress has been slim to none.
  • Women in their reproductive years have a second biological rhythm that no one is talking about and it’s called — you guessed it — the infradian rhythm.

Here’s what’s up with the infradian rhythm…

Unlike the 24-hour circadian rhythm (which is the single natural rhythm for men), the infradian rhythm is a secondary 28-day cycle that affects six key systems in the reproductive-aged female body. The revolutionary solution Alisa created to support the Infradian rhythm is called ‘The Cycle Syncing Method™’ and it’s outlined in her groundbreaking new book, In the FLO. Thousands of women are living The Cycle Syncing Method™ together in her infradian based membership.

The infradian rhythm impacts our:

  • Brain
  • Metabolism
  • Immune system
  • Microbiome
  • Stress response system
  • Reproductive system
highlights from the interview!

So yeah… It affects preeetty much everything. And because of this second natural rhythm, we are literally not the same person week after week. In any given month, we will experience four different biological phases that can be embraced and optimized, making us the most creative, productive, badass versions of ourselves!

The 4 weeks of the infradian cycle (and the catchy acronym, POWR, bestowed by Alisa):

  1. Follicular phase – Prepare: begin new things, brainstorm, plant seeds
  2. Ovulatory phase – Open up: grow, communicate about ideas
  3. Luteal phase – Work: finish things, harvest things
  4. Bleeding phase – Rest

Unfortunately, our patriarchal society has led us to believe that we need to follow the same diet, workout programs, and social habits day after day… essentially, we’ve been expected to act like men.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I feel guilty when I’m not producing and I tend to push myself to my max every. single. day. But listen up: When we do this in own reproductive years, we are exhausting ourselves physically and emotionally, which directly contributes to issues like PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, and fibroids… and on top of that, we often feel like we aren’t good enough because we can’t “keep up” or stick to consistent daily routines week after week.

Uh… major lightbulb moment: No WONDER we’re getting sick and feeling like failures — We’re resisting our natural operating system!

“The more you work in the flow with your body, the more your body works for you and you don’t have to push so hard.”


Do any of those toxic inner dialogues sound familiar to you?

“I can’t stick with a diet. I have no willpower.” 

“I’m a failure because sometimes I can’t handle the stress at work.” 

“I suck because I’m terrible at following through on things.”

Girl, SAME.

Here’s the good news: It’s possible to replace these critical messages with something that is WAY more constructive and scientifically accurate! 

“We’re redefining our healthcare and our interpretation of our bodies on our own terms and our own actual biology.” – Alisa Vitti

In this episode, Alisa gives us all the juicy deets on her new book In The Flo and shares some tips about how to live in accordance with your infradian rhythm. 

We touch on the following:

  • Which foods are best for each phase.
  • Which workouts are best for your body in each phase.
  • What’s happening to your body metabolically during each phase.
  • What’s going on with your libido in each phase.
  • How to track your own cycle and take back your power! 

Seriously you guys, this conversation got me SO STOKED to read Alisa’s book so I can sync up to my cycle and be the best me I can be! It’s time for us to live in accordance with our miraculous bodies and reach our true potential. We’re not here to literally BE men… we’re here to be different and equal. Yin and yang.

I hope you absolutely love the episode and, as always, thanks for listening. 

Stay juicy!









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  • Jennifer McCabe says:

    My two favorite people collabing.

  • Lynda P says:

    Great great podcast I’m gonna buy the book thank you so much

  • Madison Escaner says:

    My favorite episode thus far. Can’t wait to read the book. So much helpful info!!

  • Karla O’Brien says:

    Amazing information, thank you for sharing! I’m wondering is the cycle still in tact during pregnancy & if so how would you measure where you’re at?

  • Ellie says:

    In this male-dominated world, Alisa Vitti’s work is SO important and this episode renewed my interest in hormonal health. I bought In the Flo off the back of this episode, so fantastic job!

  • Jennifer says:

    Also, the fact that most women take birth control is probably why 70% of us have autoimmune diseases vs 10% for men. Taking birth control increases chances of developing autoimmune diseases by a LOT.

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