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Hi, pod fam! 

I LOVE getting to interview such incredible, fascinating, brilliant people for the podcast. The hour or two I’m with them flies by, and I always wish I had more time to pick their brains and continue these convos. Lucky for me (and all of you!), I got the chance recently to reconnect with one of our guests from Season 1 as we recorded this week’s episode. 

So excited to welcome back Dr. Kara for another juicy conversation! Dr. Kara MoraMarco-Kendrick is a Doctor of Acupuncture (DAOM), a board-certified California Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc), and the owner of Aculand in Los Angeles. And she welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Jai, into the world last year.

In this ep, we’re talking all things pregnancy: how to “prepare the palace” before conception and ways to support yourself during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. I love Dr. Kara’s holistic perspective on this incredible journey and all of the tips she has to share from her personal experience. Let’s get juicy!


Thinking about having a baby at some point? It’s never too early to start prepping! Dr. Kara tells us she had been preparing her body for a good 5 years before trying to conceive. Everything she put in her body and her daily habits were to support/reflect a future pregnancy (and it paid off).

Here are her tips for “preparing the palace” (aka making sure she was giving her future child the best environment to start off in).


  • Eati organic whenever possible
  • Be sure to wash fruits & veggies well to remove any residue
  • Up intake of protein & healthy fats
  • Stop consuming caffeine before actively trying to conceive

Warming the Womb

  • Think of yourself as an incubator (you want your womb to be warm and cozy)
  • Conserve your jing (vital energy/vitality) by not wearing yourself out, limiting drinking/partying, etc. (Olivia note: I love Fo-ti, Schisandra and Rose for supporting your jing)
  • Consume kidney tonics, Natal Nourish, and Mane Magic (Dr. Kara used both of these OO formulas!) to nourish the body & blood


  • American ginseng
  • Eleuthero (Dr. Kara’s favorite adaptogen)
  • Royal jelly (excellent for fertility/beauty/skin; your partner can take, too)


  • You don’t want to go into pregnancy with any deficiencies (and that includes sleep)
  • Aim for 8–9 hours each night
  • Sleep in and rest when your body calls for it to “stock up” on sleep

Prenatal Vitamins

  • Start taking before pregnancy (Dr. Kara took for ~6 months before)
  • Look for quality vitamins (Dr. Kara likes Thorne; Seeking Health is another good one)

Your Environment

  • Everything we put on our body goes through our bloodstream, so be conscious of what you’re exposing yourself to
  • Get rid of toxic chemicals (look at household cleaning products, cosmetics, your mattress, your carpets, etc.)

During Pregnancy

Building upon your pre-pregnancy habits, here are some additional lifestyle and diet suggestions to help support your differing needs during pregnancy.


  • Focus on blood-building foods (your blood volume doubles during pregnancy)
  • Up your calorie intake (you’re not necessarily “eating for two” but you do need to nourish your body and eat when you’re hungry)
  • Make sure to eat breakfast and eat frequently (may help with nausea/morning sickness)
  • Be mindful of your health and make sure you’re nourishing your body with food and not using this time as an excuse to eat unhealthy all the time 

Pregnancy Tea

  • Hydrating is super important during pregnancy
  • Tea can help with hydration (something different from water)
  • Starting in the 2nd trimester, Dr. Kara drank this tea, as recommended by her midwife, who’s also an herbalist 


  • Keep your chi moving and flowing during pregnancy
  • Walking is a great low-impact, gentle exercise for all trimesters
  • Stick with just walking during the first trimester
  • 2nd/3rd: don’t strain your body too much (listen to your body’s cues)


Labor and delivery will be a different experience for everyone, but—in addition to nourishing yourself through pregnancy—here are some tips from Dr. Kara.


  • Have a birth plan in place, but prepare for the unexpected (birth/labor doesn’t usually go as planned)
  • Consider a birthing center (midwives can do ​​blood tests, cultures, ultrasounds, etc.) if low risk

Right Before:

  • Dr. Kara took a homeopathic remedy (recommended by her midwife) to soften the cervix
  • Acupuncture (a light treatment, just to get chi flowing) helped Dr. Kara the night before
  • Walking/birthing balls can help to make sure baby is in a good position 

Postpartum Recovery 

Recovery also looks different for everyone, but Dr. Kara credits her healthy habits pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy for a relatively easy recovery. Note: You’re still recovering from a MAJOR physical experience, so be gentle with yourself and understand that everyone’s going to heal and recover differently.

“Sitting Month”

  • Dr. Kara stayed in for a 40 day period to protect herself and her baby
  • Focused on staying warm (to protect from the emptiness/openness following birth)
  • Consumed warm, nourishing foods (lots of soups, stews, bone broth)

Breastfeeding Tips

  • Grains, oats, healthy fat, coconut water are all good for milk supply
  • Need to hydrate a lot and eat a lot to support yourself & milk production
  • Lactation consultants are invaluable for support 
  • Store some colostrum before you actually have baby (talk to doctor; can help baby)

Postpartum Care

  • MotherBees offers local LA delivery + national shipping to help support new mothers
  • The Golden Month (Australia) is another great company Dr. Kara loves for TCM-based meal delivery and postpartum care

To sum it all up…

Here are the key areas Dr. Kara recommends focusing on to encourage a healthy pregnancy/labor/recovery:

  • Mental Health – focusing on calmness and trying to lower stress
  • Movement – keeping your body active (low-intensity workouts)
  • Eliminating Toxins – minimizing your exposure to toxic chemicals/being mindful of what’s going around/on/in your body
  • Sleep – aiming for 8–9 hours of quality sleep each night

As always, tune into the episode for allll the juicy goodness in this ep—including what surprised Dr. Kara about pregnancy, labor/delivery, and recovery! Be sure to share your thoughts with me on IG: @shoporganicolivia.



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