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We’re back, baby! 

Season 2 of What’s the Juice is the true definition of juuuuuuuicy—starting with what is possibly our most personal episode EVER. After a hefty hiatus to work on the next chapter of this labor of love, you just know we had to come in hot. We’re kicking off Season 2 with a long-awaited episode: answering all the questions you’ve had about me, Nick, and what makes our relationship strong after all this time together.

You all know Nick as my longtime partner; the mastermind behind all the colorful, nutrient-dense, insanely delicious recipes on my IG; and the biggest champion of all things OO. I started this company with him by my side and he has played every role imaginable, sometimes all at once: our photographer, our accountant, our tech guy/sound engineer, and so much more. Nothing we do today would be possible without him, and at this point I know that you all pretty much love him just as much as I do!

In today’s episode, Nick joins me as a co-host, and we discuss what we’ve learned about ourselves, each other, and making a long-term relationship work.

For those who like to skim, I’m gonna get into some of the juicy bits below, but TRUST ME when I say this ep is worth the full story! And let’s just say there’s something very special in store for listeners this week — make sure that you listen allllll the way until the end 🙂

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Q: How long have you two been together?

A: August 30 will make 10 YEARS since the day we made it official. But we’d known each other for a few years before that, forming a bond and friendship over R&B music — our fave.

Q: How did you guys meet?

A: We met at a pizza shop while we were both in high school at different schools. I was about 16, but we didn’t start dating until I was 18. Shoutout to Gino’s on South Broadway—the best pizza in Yonkers!

Q: What’s your love language?

A: Mine would be a toss-up between words of affirmation and quality time. Memories mean so much to me. I feel like I collect moments and feelings in my mind that I can go back to when I’m down – and that keeps my love cup full even when I’m stressed and busy or can’t be with the people I love right away.

Nick’s love language is physical touch, for sure… but not necessarily just intimacy alone. He really likes to be taken care of—like when I help him with his hair, or extract his blackheads even, he really lights up. It’s totally the Libra in him. 

Q: What practices do you have to maintain your individual selves within the relationship?

A: In Nick’s words, it doesn’t take much to really make him happy. One of his greatest joys in life is to be present and himself with people he loves—so a big thing for him is making time to nurture his close relationships with his family and friends. After a long day, Nick will often take an hour to drive around town, go visit his father or brothers, or work on his car. He needs this transition between the work day and ‘our time’ to figure out what he truly needs that day and fill up his cup; whether it’s alone time with his tools and garage, or guy time with family and friends. Sometimes the garden does it for him, too, because he loves to take care of our space and nurture life.

For me, I think it’s self-care—really taking care of my physical and mental health. Whether it’s physical therapy or actual therapy or getting a massage, I really need to reconnect my physical body in order to feel like “myself.” It’s easy for me to get stuck in my mind, so I need a lot of body work, maintenance, and physical movement like walks. 

Q: How do you maintain physical intimacy?

A: Don’t worry future children, we aren’t gonna get raunchy on the pod. What I will say is, the more you build the friendship by truly being present with each other (looking into each other’s eyes, really seeing each other’s faces, listening to your partner talk about their day with true intention), the more you build the deep intimacy of the relationship. We’ve also learned that in order to experience deep pleasure withinwith each other, to not rush things and really savor every moment with each other.

Cutting this post short because we couldn’t possibly spill alllll the juicy details here. Tune in to the podcast for the complete Q&A session and a special surprise at the end that you definitely don’t want to miss! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! This season is gonna be SO AMAZING with SO many great guests dropping knowledge bombs and brilliant insights. I cannot wait for you all to listen!!


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