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Hi, pod fam! 

I recently had an INCREDIBLE intuitive reading with best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and intuitive healer Nikki Novo. I learned so much about my purpose in this lifetime and how I can live in a way that honors that purpose and truly fulfills me. 

Nikki has such a gift for what she does—and THE BEST, heart-centered energy—and I cannot wait for you all to meet her. If you’ve ever wondered what your purpose is in this life or what would make you feel the happiest and most fulfilled, definitely tune in.

In this ep, Nikki’s teaching us the basics of tapping into our own energy, learning (or remembering) our soul’s purpose, and how to start living a heart-centered life. Let’s get juicy!

First of all—do we have destiny, free will, or a mix of both?

It’s an age-old question, and the answer is definitely a mix of both, says Nikki. We may be in control of our choices, she tells us, but we’re not really in control of our soul’s desires. 

Basically, we come into this life, with our soul purpose/contract/blueprint, which is what our soul is here to accomplish. And that might be to be a healer or to meet the right person. But the actual future is a bunch of possibilities because there are so many paths to that purpose. Some of those paths require work on our ends, like releasing something, leaning into something, leaving a door open, etc.

AND—the end goal could look totally different, while still fulfilling the same “contract.” For example: Your purpose could be to be a healer, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a doctor. You could be massage therapist or an intuitive teacher or a *cough cough* herbalist. 

Purpose-driven manifestation

We can make just about anything happen in our lives—and manifestation can be a powerful tool for that—but we’ve got to make sure it’s coming from the right place. It might not even be that our desires are off (we usually know what we want), but we’re unclear on our motivations (the why). Nikki tells us that the best way to create is through our soul’s true desires and purposes, which means telling our ego to step aside and tuning into our heart. 

How to find your soul’s purpose

We’re not gonna be able to learn (or remember) our soul’s purpose through our minds or what our parents or society tell us. We’ve gotta tap into our heart to really find that meaning and get aligned. It starts with asking ourselves, WHY. Here’s a three-step approach, from Nikki: 

1. Set the intention for your heart to activate

Your heart is your connection to your intuition, and meditation can help you communicate with it. Set that intention by being curious and open to what you can find or receive (try not to judge or doubt what comes up).

If you’re having trouble meditating/focusing, here are a few tips:

  • Play a theta brainwave song (to help connect to the energy of intuition)
  • Start slow and work your way up (5 mins, then 10, then 30)
  • Don’t be as concerned with quieting your mind in this type of meditation—you’re trying to activate your third eye and crown chakra, not to tune everything out 
  • Cover your eyes if that feels right, sit down, and visualize a place in nature 
  • Release judgment—you’re just trying to observe 
  • Imagine reading your own energy. Try to visualize your energy (whether that’s your heart or another body part that needs attention) in front of you, then ask it questions. 

2. Write down and reflect on how you feel about things + what your heart is pulling you toward

Why do you want to pursue this career or go to this school or move to this city? Is it because you’re trying to make someone else happy? Are you looking for love or validation? Or is it because you truly want that thing?

3. Start to follow only your heart

It’s not easy to make major decisions by following your heart (our minds and logical reasoning can be loud AF), but it’ll help keep you on the path of your soul’s purpose. It starts with having the courage and commitment to live a heart-centered life. Try to remember all the times you made decisions based on your heart and how you were rewarded for that in the past. 

As always, tune into the episode for allll the juicy goodness in this ep! Be sure to share your thoughts with me on IG: @shoporganicolivia.



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