Craving a fresh start and a new herb routine to kick you into gear? We asked our team members to share their current daily stack based on their unique needs, goals, and constitution.

Some of us are working on rebuilding our reserves after a period of massive stress, whereas others are prepping their immune systems for strength during travel as we embark on new adventures again.

If you need a little inspiration, here’s how the OO team creates their own unique combinations. Get to know our crew a little better through our favorite formulas and routines – I think they speak so well to each of our personalities and lifestyles.

When someone on the OO team embarks on a challenge or experiment, we tend to do it together (for moral support but mostly for fun)… which means I’m off my morning caffeine, too! The first month of no coffee, I needed both energy AND mood support – I didn’t realize I was using coffee more for a daily mood boost than anything else. 

First of all, starting my day with ThyroPro is everything. The adaptogens and nootropics in this blend give me so much energy that I’m actually working out more now than I was while drinking coffee. I don’t think I could have stuck to no caffeine without the adaptogenic herbs in this formula and Adrenal Recovery (which I used before ThyroPro came back in stock!)

Mid-day is when I usually get into a moody slump and need a pick-me-up. Mood Juice is one of my favorite formulas that I’ve ever created; it just works and brightens your entire outlook when you add it to your day. I either take Mood alone, or brew a nice batch of The Right Mind and add a dropper full to my mug. The Right Mind is a nervine tea that keeps me calm, focused and clear while I work.

At night, I wind down for bed with a little Flower For My Love. The rose in this formula really calms my emotional body, as rose has this way of giving your spirit space to rest and release. I often take this before doing my evening stretch routine or a bath, as it just melts away a lot of the emotional tension of the day. Before bed, I always pop a probiotic capsule so that when I wake up, everything moves like clockwork if you know what I mean!

Since I started limiting my morning matchas, I like to start my mornings with something that’s gentle yet invigorating – The Guardian tea blend does just that with its warming and digestive supporting herbs like cinnamon and ginger.

When lunch time rolls around my plate is typically filled with an assortment of greens and a protein with the habit of ending it with something sweet, like a date with almond butter (don’t sleep on it)! Lunch time is typically the best time for me to take ZincPlus+ since it can be hard on an empty stomach.

As the day goes on, I try to get ahead of my “afternoon slump” (which has significantly reduced since cutting out coffee) by reaching for Brain Juice. A couple full droppers under the tongue and I’m right back in my zone.

My PM tea routine alternates based on what I feel like my mind or body needs in the moment. I’m currently brewing up The Healer to support my digestion and I prepare to wind down. The Plaintain and Marshmallow root in this blend are super soothing to the gut. After my wind down routine, I pop a probitoic capsule with a glass of room temp water and I try not to miss a night. I like to take my probiotic right before bed as it supports my stomach in all the right ways while I sleep. Plus, it’s nice waking up bloat free! 😉 

Did you know there are more microbes in our bodies than there are stars in the night sky? That really puts into perspective the importance of supporting gut health, so my daily probiotic is non-negotiable. I take mine on an empty stomach with a huge glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning.

Up next: Mighty Minerals. There are two things I’m obsessed with when it comes to wellness minerals and dirt and the two are beautifully connected: healthy soil contains minerals like iron and magnesium and minerals support healthy cells and tissues. I take 2 droppers of Mighty Minerals first thing in the morning so that I don’t have to worry about what my meals might be lacking for the rest of the day 🙂 

In the afternoon I find myself getting restless and my focus starts to ebb so I really try to fit in a quick walk when my schedule allows. Once I’m back at my desk I dose myself with Brain Juice and honestly if I’m feeling really unfocused I’ll even add an additional capsule of Ginkgo because I really notice a difference with this plant. Lunch is almost always a bowl of raw and roasted veggies with a protein and I always keep a pot of The Guardian ready to brew. This tea is my all time favorite, it warms up my digestion and keeps me feeling satiated well into the afternoon. Now I’m ready to get back into work!

The evening is when I need the most boundaries. I often find myself working away well into the evening if I don’t make a real effort to switch off. This is where I turn to The Healer. I love this tea at room temperature so I will brew it while I’m rolling out my yoga mat and setting up for some intuitive stretching and foam rolling. I light a candle, put on ambient sounds, and allow the soothing herbs in this blend (hi Calendula, Marshmallow and Meadowsweet) set the vibe. 

Finally, before I head to bed I like to check-in with myself to see if my body is asking for anything specific. I’m one of those people who takes ImmuneShoom even when I’m not at all sick because adaptogens are always a good idea. 

I like my mornings to feel slow and steady, allowing me to gently tap into my energy reserves in a balanced way throughout the day. The Healer creates a nourishing, soothing environment for my gut which influences my mood heavily, keeping the morning running smooth. After a warm cup comes my love, Liver Juice, giving me a subtle boost of energy and clarity while also allowing me to be easy and let go (mentally + physically).

Afternoons are usually pretty busy and sometimes it can feel like I’m just filling my cup over and over again, without emptying out so The Purifier allows me to take in what I need to feel present and release what needs to go. It lightens the load. Flowers For My Love has a special place in my heart within this whole WFH lifestyle. Sometimes, WFH can feel isolating, but intentionally taking a moment to take this formula helps me feel connected again, encouraging me to be more present, whether through going for a walk, cooking myself a nourishing meal or listening to music. It reminds me to take time for myself in our busy world.

Evenings for me are an important time to restore and call in my needs for the next day – they set me up to feel my best. The Cleanser at night gives my liver a little love for a good night sleep and a gentle release in the morning so I’m not holding in any stagnant energy. Then I end the day with Immune Shroom, probably my fav supplement from OO. Not only does it promote overall immune support which doesn’t hurt with all the new stressors we’re thrown at daily, but it works on our deep reserves + essences and helps me wake up the next day feeling balanced and so much more alert. Daily Immune Shroom has been a game changer for me!

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