This post was inspired by @frolicandflow over on Instagram, who posted a beautiful reminder on her story for the times when wellness feels expensive. There is so much free medicine in this world that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. I believe that sometimes, dancing, singing, or even scream-crying (we’ve all been there) can do way more for your health than a $13 superfood kale smoothie!

Here are my favorite forms of free medicine I reach for when I’m feeling off center:


Stretching relieves pain and gives you an instant feel-good-boost for several reasons. Most notably, it increases blood flow (your body’s way of healing!) and with that, comes increased oxygen and nutrient flow to your cells and tissues. This helps you get more out of what you’re already doing as the nutrients you’re consuming actually get to where they need to be. Stretching is also extremely relaxing, which brings me to my next point…


This just *clicked* for me when @zesty_ginger mentioned this goal on a recent post. She said her main objective lately is to simply spend more time (hours or even minutes) throughout the day in “rest and digest” mode. When you’re constantly in fight or flight mode, your body down-regulates functions that aren’t necessary for survival (such as detoxification)! When you relax and switch to parasympathetic mode, these pathways up-regulate once again and your body is better at getting rid of what it doesn’t need. How to switch into rest mode: taking deep breaths, going into nature, drawing a bath, journaling, CBD oil, meditation, self-massage, or yoga.


While I love my Immune Shroom and elderberry syrup, walking is actually one of the best ways to instantly boost your immune system (and did I mention it’s FREE?! haha). According to David Nieman, Ph.D., “A daily walk helps shake up and spread out your Natural Killer (NK) cells – which are the Marine corps of your immune system – making them more vigilant.”


De-cluttering your home has so many health benefits, especially when it comes to mental and emotional health. De-cluttering decreases stress and anxiety as it relieves our already-taxed brains from too much sensory information. Start with one small, actionable step per day like sorting junk mail or organizing your pantry!


Dr. Karrazhian, DHSc explains that singing improves vagal nerve tone, which you can read all about in this post from my blog archives. If you have low vagal tone (which is very common and relates to symptoms such as indigestion and constipation), gut motility can be instantly improved by belting out a tune. Singing strengthens the immune system by increasing blood levels of specific antibodies, plus it signals our brains to release endorphins which in turn can help alleviate depression, anxiety, and stress. Lastly, singing makes us breathe more deeply than many forms of strenuous exercise! Thus, we take in more oxygen, improve aerobic capacity and experience a release of muscle tension.

Let me know your favorite forms of free medicine below so that we can continue adding to the list (and enjoying the little things in life that bring us back to who we are!)

xox, Olivia

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