You may have seen bromelain, the most noteworthy enzyme in pineapple, in digestive aid supplements at your health food store at one point or another. But what you probably don’t know is that bromelain improves every single body system in one way or another – from skin to heart health and everything in between. And while it definitely doesn’t hurt to eat more pineapple, your best bet is to take a supplement with pineapple or bromelain in it, since the enzyme is typically found in the inedible parts, like the stem. Let’s dive into a few benefits of the many health benefits of bromelain and why we included pineapple in our digestion-supporting Bloat BFF formula.

Supports digestion

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme which means that it helps you digest protein by breaking the chemical bonds between amino acids. This equates to less undigested food sitting around in your colon and therefore less constipation, gas and bloating because of it. In addition, bromelain has been shown to lower your body’s production of pro-inflammatory cytokines that wreak havoc on your gut lining (1). This is a game changer for those of us struggling with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) because tissue damage leads to unwanted symptoms like abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea. We love bromelain for gut health so much that we included it in our Bloat BFF supplement, formulated to tackle bloat and GI upset from every angle.

Brightens skin

In the same way bromelain digests protein in your food, it also digests proteins on your skin in the form of dead and damaged skin cells. Your body is constantly shedding skin cells naturally, but enzymes like bromelain essentially speed up the process. This exfoliation reveals softer, brighter skin beneath as well as lightens scars and hyperpigmentation with continued use. The wonderful thing about fruit enzymes, like bromelain, is that they are really safe and gentle. So they won’t disturb your skin’s pH, are great for those of us with sensitive skin, and can even be used daily! For these reasons you’ll often find bromelain in face masks and exfoliators. If you’re curious about trying it out yet you don’t want to break the bank, you can make a DIY mask at home by simply throwing a few slices of pineapple in your blender with some honey, yogurt, or whatever else is calling your name!

Improves cardiovascular health

Research suggests that bromelain prevents or minimizes the severity of angina (chest pain), transient ischemic attack or TIA (mini stroke), and thrombophlebitis (a swollen vein due to a blood clot) (3). It also is effective in treating cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke, hypertension, congenital heart disease, etc) as it inhibits blood platelet aggregation, meaning that it prevents red blood cells from clumping together. This reduces the risk of blood clots which can cause serious blockages in the blood vessels, called embolisms.

Reduces inflammation

Bromelain has historically been used as both an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic (pain reliever) in people with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis (4). Daily dosages range from 200-2,000 mg with therapeutic benefits starting at 160 mg per day.

Promotes quicker recovery

Have you ever gotten a surgery and been told to take bromelain beforehand by your doctor? That’s because when taken before a surgery, bromelain can reduce pain, swelling, bruising and healing time post-op, especially for the nose and mouth. It is also often used to reduce inflammation from tendonitis, sprains and strains and to minimize muscle damage from exercise, therefore speeding up your recovery time.

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