1. More time spent completely alone. My motto is, make sure you meet yourself in the morning so that you can keep coming back to her all day. If you don’t take the time to SEE her, who will?
  2. Lifting heavy weights 2-3x per week. The difference in my strength and physique is one thing, but the MENTAL shift to “I am capable” brings me to tears. This has also drastically improved my blood sugar levels and tolerance for carbs/dessert without a glucose spike because my body can shuttle more glucose into my muscles, instead of sugar hanging around in my blood!
  3. Taking a shot of diluted apple cider vinegar before meals. Speaking of blood sugar, the acetic acid in vinegar actually helps your muscles uptake that glucose more effectively, further blunting a spike! It also reduces the amount of insulin present, helping you to stay in fat burning mode. This worked so well for my hormones and transformation that I created a ‘metabolic vinegar’ herbal tincture called GlucoBitters launching 2.2.23
  4. “I’m like that, too.” This one simple mantra has saved me so much anger, resentment, self-pity and entitlement. Every time someone does something that bothers me, whether it’s in the context of road rage or personal relationships, I realize that I can be exactly like that too. Saying this phrase to myself instantly settles and humbles me.
  5. Not forcing it. If something’s not flowing or working, whether that’s plans with friends, my idea of how I “should” do something, or an expectation I had, I let it go and lean into what FEELS right vs. what feels forced and tense. I believe we’re constantly being nudged and redirected if we listen.
  6. Sleeping alone! This deserves its own post but was once taboo has changed my life. Nick snores from past nose injuries so he would wake me up, then I’d wake HIM up to roll over. We have our time before bed then sleep in different rooms and this has changed my sleep quality, mood, and the energy I have for exercise. I believe sleep is our most important responsibility and we MUST protect it. So do what works for you, no shame.

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