As a 20-something herbalist with a wild side (who feels that adventure, fun and connection are some of the best kept secrets for vibrant health), there are a few things I think about when traveling.

  1. How excited I am to challenge my brain outside of my usual setting and make unforgettable memories. All the new sights, sounds, and foods I’m ready to try… the conversations I’ll engage in that will undoubtedly expand my worldview. Best believe I’ve already thoroughly combed Foursquare and TikTok for the best coffee/dinner spots, obvi the two most important meals of the day.
  2. How cute my outfits are going to be. Just being honest. I mean, travel is kind of the best excuse to exercise your closet and test out the fun combos you’d never wear in your hometown. My fashion persona changes based on what city I’m in and I’m so much more willing to take risks in the name of creative expression.
  3. And perhaps most importantly, how I’m going to feel my best despite the inevitable jet lag, less-than-optimal sleep, and change from my usual well thought out whole food diet. The reason I became passionate about herbalism and holistic health in the first place was my IBS diagnosis, which kept me from living my life to the fullest for so long. I spent years in pain and feeling uncomfortable, especially when traveling, staying out late and off my normal routine. I’ve been able to completely turn my gut health, digestion, and energy levels around with the help of herbal allies, but I’m still a bit sensitive to the hurdles that come with flying, time zone changes and eating out so often.

I’m the herbalist who has a formula for everything: digestion, anxiety, sleep — you name it — and you can usually find them all in my bag even if we’re just going to dinner. But for the purpose of this post, I’ll narrow it down, and hit you with my absolute *essential* herbal blends for traveling to pack in your suitcase!

What I Pack in My Herbal Travel Bag

These herbal travel essentials will boost your digestion, help you kick jet lag, fight unwanted flying jitters and keep you calm during the most stressful situations while traveling.

Not Your Average Probiotic

Of course this is #1 on my list, because it’s the one gut balancing (and gut maintenance) tool I’ll never be without. While traveling, you may be consuming less fiber to feed and maintain those anti-inflammatory “good bugs”, you may be running on far less sleep than usual (which actually causes your microbiome balance to take a hit!), and you may be producing less digestive enzymes due to the stress of it all. No matter what has your digestion feeling off, our probiotic will keep you feeling happy and regular through your flight and far beyond. Because it’s a 3-in-1 probiotic, prebiotic, and enzyme blend, it’s also the best tool to beat the bloat when adjusting to a new routine.

Peace Juice

Once you try this, you’ll never fly without it again. My go-to, in a pinch, instant chill button calming formula. I decided to make this blend a spray for ultimate convenience, which means you can whip it out on flights, before a night out, or whenever you’re feeling stressed and anxious. Packed with “nervine” herbs that quite literally calm and settle the nervous system, Peace Juice supports airplane jitters and has your back during any unexpected stressful situations. I’ll often use this before socializing as well, especially if I’m meeting people for the first time and feeling some restlessness or apprehension.

Adrenal Recovery

The worst thing that can happen when you’re traveling and ready to have fun is feeling rundown, under the weather, or just straight up exhausted. Adaptogens are perhaps my favorite class of herbs, and truly build our resilience on a deeper level so that we may “adapt” to our surroundings (including changes in those surroundings)! I am someone who takes adaptogenic herbs every day no matter what, and of course, Adrenal Recovery is my favorite as I formulated it to be an extremely well rounded blend of my favorite energy-boosting allies. Start with adaptogens 2-3 weeks before you hit the road, and keep them up throughout your travel plans to keep your body strong, energized, and ready to go. Adaptogens are especially helpful for those who tend to come down with a bug when traveling due to the stress of changing routines and time zones.

Digestive Juice

While our probiotic has you covered for maintaining microbiome balance during travel, Digestive Juice is the cherry on top for those who constantly experience digestive difficulty when eating out and incorporating foods that aren’t a usual part of their at-home diet. Another convenient spray formula, this blend fits in your purse and can be used 10-15 minutes before a heavy meal or indulgence. This formula contains a mix of “digestive bitters”, aka herbs that signal the production of your very own stomach acid and digestive juices. I also formulated this favorite with carminative herbs, meaning herbs that help to prevent and reduce occasional gas, which no one wants while traveling and having fun. Use this formula in a pinch whenever your stomach is feeling off for instant relief.

Soothe Your Throat Spray

Last but certainly not least, we have the most wonderful moistening, lubricating, and soothing respiratory formula that is literally a lifesaver on planes. As we always say at OO HQ, “flying is drying” — up in the air, it’s so easy for our mucous membranes to dry out, which leaves us more vulnerable to coming down with something (especially in such an enclosed space). The OO ladies and I always bring Soothe Your Throat Spray along to soothe and protect while flying, and its immune system benefits are a huge plus.

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