Every few months I do an armpit detox with clay & apple cider vinegar, and it feels SO good! I actually fell right asleep after my treatment today.

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, getting sick often, and/or notice tender lymph nodes, this underarm mask can improve lymphatic circulation & make you feel better! This is great for reducing armpit odor and getting rid of buildup from years of hormone disrupting anti-perspirants.

Also, many people who switch to natural deodorants experience a detox rash or increased smell as their perspiration is no longer being inhibited and their skin can finally release. This can speed the removal of the toxins behind that reaction and ease the transition.

The $18 billion dollar antiperspirant industry tells us that sweat is an unsightly issue that needs to be suppressed with aluminum, phthalates, and countless other chemicals. The truth is that your body is a beautiful machine, and armpits are the location of lymph nodes that are constantly fighting to filter viruses, toxins, and cancer cells. Sweat is a public transit system for these toxins, and the exit ramp NEEDS to be open!

If your armpits are emitting more odor than usual, your lymph nodes are working hard on an extra large burden and could use help rather than suppression. This is why we smell more after consuming heavy/disruptive substances that are hard on the lymph such as alcohol.

Clay & ACV works to draw out chemicals and boost lymph detox so that you can switch to natural deodorant & also smell better when you do! Even if you’ve been using natural deo for years, it’s good to do this every few months to keep things running smoothly.


  • 1 tablespoon bentonite clay (I used Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay this time because I find it more moisturizing than bentonite in this sensitive area. Both are fine!)
  • 1.5 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons water


1. Mix the clay and vinegar with a spoon or two of water to achieve a paste-like consistency.
2. Spread a thin layer on each armpit, leaving on for ~15 minutes.
3. Rinse off in the shower using a soft washcloth then dry the armpits thoroughly. I like to lightly moisturize with oil, then apply natural deo.
4. Repeat every few days at first until your body odor has settled down if it’s strong.
5. Drink a LOT of water and be sure to move your body each day!

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  • Lily says:

    Hi Olivia! Is it possible to substitute bentonite or red clay with other purifying powders such as White or Green Clay or Neem Powder?
    Thank you!

  • Stephanie Strom says:

    love this! so clever for an easy switch to natural deodorants which is what i’m going through right now. Olivia, can you do another article on all the other uses of bentonite clay? Im interested in how you use this in your daily life!

  • Rakshali says:

    Can I use Fuller’s earth.

  • Kaitlin says:

    Hi Olivia! I just have French pink clay -which is also good for sensitive skin if you haven’t tried it yet!- would that be ok to use, too?

  • Courtney says:

    Do you have a recipe for natural deodorant? And would it work against sweating? I use clinical strength and still have wet arm pits daily. So embarrassing! I love your tips! Please keep them coming. 🙂

    • Nini says:

      The aluminum in conventional deodorants physically clog our pores to ‘prevent’ us from sweating, but sweat has no where else to go but out and makes us sweat more! I used to use clinical strength because I thought I had a sweating problem, now I just use the juice of a lemon (just squeeze and slap it on, not sticky) or primal pit paste or shmidt’s 🙂

  • Cynthia says:

    Thank you for this great info!

  • Diana says:

    Where does one get this clay? And natural deodorants? TY!

  • Cassie says:

    Hi Olivia! I have been using natural deodorant for about 4 months now and I still REEK. I do the detox about once a week, but I cannot get that body odor smell under control. Any tips? I’m at the point where I’ve tried three different brands of natural deodorants and am ready to go back to regular deodorants 🙁

    • dana says:

      Hi Cassie – Olivia suggests you get a better natural deo – she likes the Meow Meow Tweet brand. You can also do clay masks on armpits or try adding chlorophyll to water in order to deodorize the body from the inside out. (Anything rich in chlorophyll will help with this, such as parsley juice, eating lots of greens etc). – Team Organic Olivia

    • Mine used to smell all the time then I started drinking Lots of water and changed my eating habits….

  • Jocelyn says:

    Hi! Is there anything you recommend for discoloration of the underarms? For example, my underarms are very dark and seem to get darker with time. I’ve stopped using deodorants over a year ago.

  • Lucy says:

    Hi Olivia,
    Is this mask safe to do/beneficial for someone who suffers from boils in the armpit area?
    Thanks for your help!

  • Chelsy says:

    Hi, I’m currently breastfeeding. Is the armpit detox safe to do while breastfeeding? Would it decrease milk supply or cause toxins to escape through breastmilk?

  • Brent says:

    Would activated charcoal also be useful in the mix or taken internally?

  • Kathie says:

    Very impressed how well this has worked for me! Natural deoderant would never last through a full work day until detoxing using this recipe! After reading the comments I thought it would take a few times but after one time I noticed a huge difference! Thank you!

  • Ed says:

    I stopped using standard deodorant a little over a year ago. The first time I tried natural deodorant my armpits broke out with a bright rash. So I stopped using it. I applied 1% Hydrocortisone cream and after a week it was gone. So I tried a different natural deodorant and I the rash returned. I tried the bentonite clay yesterday. How often can I apply the under mask. My rash is driving me crazy.

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