The time has come—we’re breaking up with coffee. Well, I am at least!

And just like any long term relationship, this one hurts. Coffee has been warm, romantic, stimulating, consistent, energizing, comforting—allllllll the things you’d want from a lover. But it’s time for us to part ways.

Why, you may ask? After many years of relying on a cup of Joe to help me feel motivated and productive in the mornings, I’m at the point where the nervous system overstimulation just isn’t worth it. Feeling productive is great, but the mad dash to my computer and switching between 5 different tasks, mind moving 100 miles an hour as soon as the caffeine kicks in is not really the *way* I want to work. I’ve recently been focusing on my adrenal health, my hormone health and my mental health with my acupuncturist, and we’ve been leaning on a mix of adaptogenic herbs and being more mindful of my tendency to overwork and overdo it. I’ve realized that every time I go for my morning latte, the feeling it gives me is the exact opposite of the progress that I’m making with her. I decided that I’m done with running on stress hormones as a way to get myself to tick things off my to do list — for the first time in a long time, I want to experience my true energy levels for what they are and run on that intrinsic reserve instead of adrenaline, so that I can be more in tune with my body’s cues and see where I am without a daily stimulant.

As heartbreaking as it is, I know I’m going to come out of this stronger and more in touch with what my body is asking for… and really, that’s the theme for 2022— truly witnessing our body’s signals, our emotions, our desires, our physical needs, and what our hormones + cycles are telling us!

It’s been three weeks without coffee in my life, and I’d be lying if I told you it’s been easy. IYKYK. I’ve been drinking coffee every. single. day. for like 10 years—it was such a normal, habitual, enjoyable, literally energizing part of my routine for so long, so on top of the physical withdrawal symptoms, I’ve been having to cut ties with this muscle memory and emotional attachment to my morning cup of coffee. 

I’ve got a whole podcast coming about why I decided to break up with coffee (and one of these days, we’re gonna talk about why I also broke up with THC—but that’s a convo for another time). If you’re here for the party (or is it an anti-party?), welcome—we’re in this together! Here are my OO-approved tips to help support your own transition off caffeine. We got this! 💪 💪 💪

1. Load up on mushrooms & adaptogens.

My adrenals are definitely still adjusting to the absence of caffeine. They’re like, hold up—we have to produce our own cortisol now? I’m feeding and nourishing my adrenals with adaptogens and mushrooms to help ease the transition and support my body’s natural production and balance of cortisol and adrenaline.

Let me tell you—I have never loved our Adrenal Recovery Formula more. This formula has adaptogens like ashwagandha and rhodiola root, along with one of my favorite mushrooms, cordyceps mycelium. And here’s a little more info on how mushrooms offer adrenal support by just knowing exactly what the body needs. 

2. Supplement with a dandelion root decoction.

Our girl is SO not a weed—dandelion is a restorative, strengthening, supportive, detoxifying herb, so basically alllll of the things we need during this breakup. Here’s more about the benefits of dandelion. And here’s how to make your own decoction (scroll down to #4).

3. Get some rest (but actually).

Our bodies are so used to being on all the time (especially when fueled with coffee), and it’s about time for a real break. Put down the phone, keep the TV off, step away from your computer, put your to-do list aside, and just be still. Meditate, nap, zone out to your favorite music, lie out in the sun, snuggle up on the couch, whatever feels right to you. 

4. Tea time!

We said coffee, but really, we’re breaking up with caffeine, period, so opt for caffeine-free herbal teas for a nourishing, warm replacement beverage. And look—I didn’t make these teas specifically for this reason, but maybe my intuition was ahead of the game because The Healer Tea & The Guardian Tea both have soothing and strengthening qualities that are just what we need right now.

5. More daily movement.

But not too intense! The theme of this breakup is being gentle with ourselves and really listening to what our bodies need (and that might not be HIIT workouts or spin class). Take some inspo from me and go for a walk first thing in the morning, practice yoga, dance around your kitchen—whatever feels good.

6. Find a new favorite morning beverage.

My go-to milky coffee replacement lately has been Teeccino Dandelion Dark Roast Herbal Tea + Sweet Apricity Grass Fed Gelatin Vanilla Marshmallows + frothed oat milk. It helped me create a new morning ritual that tastes amazing and fills the emotional void of a warm, creamy treat in the morning. Here’s how I make it (and why I love it so much).

7. Get your sexy time on.

Coffee has been a consistent source of dopamine for us for so long, but there are even better ways to get that rush. Sex with a partner or solo self-pleasure truly helps give your body a boost of that feel-good energy, and it’s all natural—no stimulants here!

8. Make more plans with your friends!

Socializing with people you love is a great way to help regulate your brain chemicals via meaningful, genuine connection. Get some lunch dates or FaceTime calls on the cal, stat.

9. Embrace the change.

We’re throwing our routines out the window (to an extent) with this breakup. And by that, I mean we’re sort of giving our bodies the opportunity to relearn their natural ebbs and flows. As we get used to producing more of our own cortisol for energy and rebalancing our circadian rhythms, we’re gonna see more “dips” (periods of low energy).

These days, my energy sucks MOST from 9am–11:30am when I would have the peak of my previous caffeine high. While I’m used to doing my most productive work during that time, I’m starting to get comfortable pivoting to being productive from 2pm-5pm to honor my ebbs and flows instead of forcefully pushing through

10. Support your liver Qi.

We love a good B-complex supplement in the morning, paired with adaptogens to support our liver Qi. Our Liver Juice tincture has also been coming in clutch, helping to regulate the liver Qi that coffee was previously dredging up. 

11. Eat antioxidant-rich foods.

Antioxidants are basically SUPERHEROES. They help neutralize free radicals to prevent or reduce oxidation in our cells, which is the root cause of juuuuust about everything. Knowing how good they are for us (and readily accessible), it’s scary that coffee is our main source of antioxidants in the US. Let’s flip the switch and opt for antioxidant-rich berries, nuts, artichokes, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, etc. Antioxidants PLUS tons of vital nutrients. Yes, please.

12. Replenish with electrolytes & minerals. 

Okay, you know what’s ironic? We’re giving up a diuretic (coffee) and feeling dry and dehydrated AF. Withdrawal is no joke. Since our neurotransmitters are desperate for electrolytes to keep our brain firing, let’s give ‘em what they need. I’ve been doing Pique B-Tox Fountain (so yummy) + Quinton Minerals mixed together as a tonic, but coconut water is another great alternative!

Breaking up with coffee with us? Already thriving without it?

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