I’m back with Day 5 of #10DaysOfGiftmas! Today’s recipe is short and sweet, and it’s for a gift that everyone is sure to adore (even guys – I swear my boyfriend likes my scrubs and personal care products more than I do! Men love to be pampered too). This scrub in particular uses grapefruit oil, which is right on with the detox theme of gift #3 (this relaxing detox bath!)

One of the most recognized benefits of grapefruit essential oil and other citrus oils is their positive effect on the lymphatic system, which plays a role in your body’s detoxification mechanism. Using these oils can help boost the activity of lymph glands. This can prevent problems like poor circulation, allergies, cellulite, and fluid retention.

Grapefruit oil also supports your endocrine function, particularly the proper secretion of hormones and enzymes. It promotes the production of gastric juices and bile, which assists your digestive function. Since it is a powerful gallbladder and liver stimulant, it can help stop headaches, cravings and sluggishness if you have the symptoms of liver stagnation that I talked about in this Youtube video.

And finally, like other citrus oils, grapefruit oil has antidepressant properties that provide a relaxing and uplifting feeling. It even has stimulating effects on your brain, making you more alert – so this scrub is perfect for early morning use!

The Recipe:

* 1 cup pink himalayan sea salt (I chose coarse but some people prefer a finer scrub)
* 1/2 cup avocado body oil (or oil of your choice)
* 15 drops grapefruit essential oil

Extra Additions:

If you want to take your sea salt body scrub to the next level, try these extra additions.
* Add 1 tbsp of honey for additional moisturizing benefits
* Add 1 tbsp dried lavender, rose petals, or other herbs
* Add 1 tsp of Vitamin E oil to repair skin and help with fine lines and wrinkles
* Add 1/2 tsp of lemon or orange peel zest for an invigorating scrub

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  • Sara says:

    Olivia, do you have any information on natural scar revision? I have chicken pox scars that I am trying to revise but I am terrified of lasers, etc.

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