Okay, so 3 years ago I had a dream that an old man came to me with a root and flowers enclosed in his hands.

He gently opened his palms to me, looked me right in the eyes and said, “You need Chicory. This is your medicine.”
I woke up ready to heed the advice of this vivid encounter, and hopped on Amazon to make my purchase.

Unfortunately, none of what I found resonated with me, as most of the market consisted of fiber supplements made with the inulin part of this root. I took it as a sign I should eat more fiber and filed the dream away in my brain.

Fast forward to the other day in class.

Our teacher was giving a lesson on the liver (the seat of anger in the body) and described the different types of anger people experience:

  • the whining and complaining type, where one is acting like a child & sighing to be noticed (chamomile is the remedy);
  • the rage type that is waiting for a chance to let the wrath loose (scarlet pimpernel tea);
  • the anger that’s stuck so deep you don’t even know it’s eating you alive (bupleurum root);
  • and lastly the anger that is hidden behind a happy face but causes tension in your jaw and mind. This anger is found in people who tell themselves and others, “oh it’s not that bad!” but then find themselves being passive aggressive because it has to come out somehow.

For the last type of anger, the remedy was the flower essence of the herb AGRIMONY to help the liver release.

I have someone in my life who holds everything inside in order to put on a happy face for others, so I went on Amazon to gift them the agrimony essence. While there, I read the full list of Bach flower remedies and my jaw dropped when I saw CHICORY at the top. Suddenly, the dream came flooding back and I understood 3 years later why the root AND FLOWER were presented to me together. When I read the description for Chicory (indicated for those who feel a need to control everything & display a kind of possessive, extreme mother love), I knew I had finally found what my dream was about.

“The feeling of unworthiness prevents the Chicory personality from being able to give love to itself, so it constantly seeks love from others.”

I will admit I do look to Nick too often when I’m not giving *myself* the love I need… and you guys have already read my Instagram post on my realizations about my need for control & perfection. The first time I took this essence, I felt everything in my body soften and was able to relax on a deep level for the first time in a while. I’ve been taking it every few days when I feel called to it, and believe it’s been helping me spend more time (happily) by myself, less dependent on others for love and affection.


Just to give you the full background in case you want to look into these for your own use: flower essences are extreme dilutions of the flowering parts of plants, similar to the dew found on flower petals. They uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. Flower essences are considered vibrational/homeopathic remedies, so they are not at all rich in plant chemicals (and therefore do not have a direct effect on the physical body). However, the subtle, energetic changes they can foster in your emotional state can and will improve the physical. Whatever we don’t deal with inside always manifests on the outside. My teachers explain that flower essences act deeply within our energy field and can help bring up things we’ve been suppressing for years.

Since we’ve been on the topic of painful healing, sadness, and energetic shifts (which are STRONG RIGHT NOW across the globe!), I wanted to share this because it’s been helping me trust the process and let go of control. Flower essences are not a cure for what we’re feeling, but are rather a form of self care you can use with intention to focus on getting through a difficult state or period of your life.

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