Katharine Hargreaves is a student and teacher of spiritual technologies, helping others to heal or expand their consciousness. She believes that nature is the most direct and important tool for navigating our realities, and that every solution already exists in nature – we just need to be patient enough to see the answers around us. With the intelligence of nature on our side, we are able to unlock better insights, ideas, and innovations. 

During the first decade of her career Katharine actually worked in Silicon Valley as a UX designer, innovation consultant and tech educator – huge plot twist! There she designed complex systems, cutting edge products and experiences for the masses alongside massive global companies. A massive rock bottom and subsequent plant medicine experience catalyzed her to start a shamanic practice as a medicine woman. Since then, Katharine has been helping people navigate life transitions, integrate big awakenings and step into their power to forge new paths forward. 

In this week’s episode of What’s the Juice, Katharine explains her role as a psychedelic guide and initiated medicine woman, specializing in divination. She talks about how rituals and elemental items help her to channel messages and provide guidance to people, bringing them into alignment and helping them to receive answers to their questions. Katharine offers examples of specific rituals that we can use to connect with nature and work with our ancestors, like creating altars, making offerings and engaging in shamanic journeying. Her overarching message is that we must focus on aligning ourselves with the heartbeat of the Earth and learning from nature’s immense wisdom. 


  • The difference between chronological time and deep time (or kairos time) and why we can’t expect things to happen on our timelines  
  • How different elements from the earth can be incorporated into rituals for specific purposes (like sea water, clay, etc)
  • The wild ritual that Oliva did on a mountainside to help her get clarity on her career and how it helped her 
  • How rituals are “setting the table” so to speak to prepare us to receive messages and transformation in the years after
  • Why physically laying on the earth or standing barefoot on the dirt can help to move intense energy out of your system
  • The power of honey as a potentiator and how it can inject energy into your life  
  • The ritual of the “honey beacon” to help you find a new home that is aligned with your specific wants and needs
  • How lightning is a medicine of integrity – it tries to harmonize something that is out of harmony or alignment
  • How Katharine got initiated into the closed practice of West African shamanic tradition as a white woman 
  • The history of the shamanic tradition and how it can repair broken ancestral lineages of many different cultures and peoples
  • How reconnecting with the earth unlocks ancestral memories and wisdom for us 
  • Why singing opens up stuck energy in our bodies
  • How some of us carry death medicine, helping others walk through the passage of death
  • Our flawed belief that humans are the top dogs when really nature is the model of thriving life and we need to learn from nature
  • Why Katharine thinks that all of the answers that we seek already exist around us 
  • The idea that nature can be just as powerful as psychedelics 
  • Exactly how to start noticing nature speaking to you 
  • How to use elemental meditation to shamanic journey from your very own house
  • Easy, tangible ways to work with your ancestors, like creating an alter or setting a place at your dinner table
  • The importance of asking questions out loud – to nature and your ancestors
  • Why results from spiritual work really comes down to your willingness to surrender and ask for help
  • How to know if divination work is right for you in this moment

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