Being a mom is no joke! It’s like running a 24-hour restaurant that doesn’t serve food, instead, it’s serving all the needs of your kids, all day, every day. It’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it, right?

With all that energy and effort going towards taking care of the little ones, moms often forget to take care of themselves. If you’re a mom, then you can probably relate to feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and drained more often than not. 

That’s why we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite formulas that will give moms the extra boost they need. Whether it’s mood support or adrenal support, these formulas will support mom’s needs so that she can show up as the very best version of herself for the people around her.

Because let’s face it, moms are the real MVPs and they deserve to be taken care of too!

Mood Juice – Our favorite ‘happy herbs.’ The perfect mood booster for busy moms who may feel overwhelmed, packed with uplifting plants that help take the edge off, naturally. Perfect for days when you feel ‘off’ or down, or seasonal mood shifts. 1-2 full droppers directly in the mouth or added to sparkling water, juice, or smoothies truly make a difference when you need some extra support to stay positive and present.

Peace Juice – Your instant “chill button.” Throw this in your purse or keep one in the car and take a few squirts when you need relief from anxiousness. Contains soothing, tension-busting herbs that calm frazzled nerves on the spot. Some of our mamas take this before putting their kids down for the night so they can keep their cool; others, when they need a moment JUST for themselves to truly relax. Helps with sleep, too! (Try in a mocktail for an alcohol-free nerve soothing drink)

Adrenal Recovery – The one thing moms need most (not just after pregnancy and utilizing precious resources to create a whole human, but in their daily life to cope with stress and busy schedules), is nourishment. In an herbal lens, there’s no better way to nourish and replenish than to consume a balanced blend of strengthening, mineral-rich, adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens support the body’s resilience in the face of extreme stress, refilling the wells of our deepest reservoirs so that we feel grounded and ready for whatever demands life may bring. This formula is ideal for those who want to restore their vitality and feel their best, especially during times when you may feel rundown or overworked.

Focus Juice – While many moms rely on caffeine to get it all done, sometimes you need a boost of energy and focus that won’t give you jitters, mess with your sleep, or cause a crash later. Enter Focus Juice: powerful, non-stimulant herbs that support mental clarity, healthy concentration, and memory. Perfect for the busy days when you need to be on top of your game. Focus Juice gives you a burst of invigoration and motivation when you need it most. Bonus: try it pre-workout!

Natal Nourish – Natal Nourish is our star fertility formula, for mamas who are planning their next (or first!) and want to support follicle health and a happy, healthy pregnancy. This is a gentle formulation that supports healthy fertility, pregnancy, and hormone balance. Nettle Leaf is included as one of our most beloved giving and strengthening plant allies for both adrenal and reproductive health in order to support our foundation. Red Clover supports our “yin,” which is related to water and fluid balance, the normal and healthy lubrication of tissues, and overall follicle and uterine health. Yellow Dock Root helps to facilitate healthy nutrient absorption from the foods we eat, and Red Raspberry Leaf aids the health and tone of the uterus. Use as a nourishing tool for as little as 1-2 months, or up to a year, to help prepare for conception.

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