Part 4/5 of my adrenal series covers all the food and supplement tips I’m utilizing to support healing from adrenal fatigue aka HPA axis dysfunction (read the truth about this condition in Part 1 here)! If you are struggling with symptoms of “burnout” from prolonged stress and your fatigue won’t let up, these are my best tips for you:


This was extremely difficult because I was relying on coffee just to feel human in the morning. The first 2 weeks I felt like a zombie and wanted to give up but I promise if you push through, you will start to feel natural stable energy that comes from your own body. If you’re someone who can “never fully wake up”, my teacher says either licorice root (do not use if you have high blood pressure) or rehmannia root tea (safe for all) are excellent adrenal adaptogen replacements.


Cooked spinach has far more potassium than bananas, so I upped my leafy greens. They also provide trace minerals which are essential for adrenal support! The RDA for potassium is 4700mg (😳) which is 11 bananas, so many of us don’t get nearly enough of this nervous-system-strengthening mineral.


This was a big one we covered in class when discussing regulating the HPA axis & getting the body out of fight or flight mode. Cutting out sugar for good truly started my path to healing; I not only craved less junk but also found myself craving less ‘junk’ in other terms like binge watching TV. Up your healthy fats and do not be afraid of protein! When you get off the blood sugar rollercoaster, you regulate hormones and remove a huge source of stress.


I found out I have a nightshade sensitivity (which ashwagandha is), so I don’t personally do this any longer but would recommend it whole-heartedly to anyone who can tolerate the nightshade family (tomatoes, peppers). Taking ashwagandha in coconut milk 20 minutes before bed is the greatest way to rejuvenate your adrenal glands, boost your libido, and improve your stress tolerance. I have an entire blog post about the incredible anti-anxiety effects of ashwagandha right here.


The first thing my doctor put me on was “adrenal complex” by Designs for Health. An adrenal glandular tonifies and strengthens your own adrenal glands, and when you are deep into burnout this may be necessary. Only use under practitioner supervision. If you are vegan, a supplement regimen such as the “crashed” kit by Dr. Alan Christianson is a great alternative.


A top contributing factor to HPA axis dysregulation and the body being “wired but tired” is magnesium deficiency. I have seen over and over again that there’s no possible way to get enough from diet due to depleted soils, therefore I highly recommend utilizing an epsom salt bath, topical magnesium spray, or oral supplement each night before bed. I have a magnesium spray and powered tea kit in my shop if you’re interested in the one that I use!

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  • Hey there!
    I’m so overwhelmed with all this wonderful knowledge that western medicine does not care to discuss; I’m not sure where to start. I have candida overgrowth and have been battling yeast infections for the last 2 years. Thanks to Kaiser Permanente pumping me full of antibiotics for every issue, its taken a toll on my gut. I still have acne and I’m in my late 30’s, it’s really attractive, lol! Im tired all the time, difficulty gaining weight, basically a skinny mess. I noticed you started on a parasite cleanse. I’ve never done one, nor has anyone ever talked about it. Probably do me some good since I’ve never pooped regularly. From your experience, would you recommend this as a starting point? Were you seeing a holistic Dr while starting your cleanse? I would like to get lab work done as well, I don’t know if I am sensitive to nightshades, or what deficiencies I may have. I wondered if anyone on your team knows of an Integrative/Functional MD near Los Angeles.
    Kindest regards,

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