As we enter back-to-school season our kids’ immune systems are put to the ultimate test. Thankfully, we can rely on a variety of herbal blends that are kid-friendly to support our little ones through everything from the common cold to upset stomachs and allergies.

It’s never a bad time to restock your medicine cabinet with natural herbal remedies that gently support the overall health of both you and your little one. So, let’s delve into some of our top picks for kids:

Elderberry Immune Elixir – Safe for both kids and adults, our Elderberry Elixir is the perfect immune support for the whole family. Dose every few hours as soon as you feel a cold coming on, or add to juices, smoothies, or tea as a tonic during the colder months to bolster immunity. While many immunity syrups contain honey or agave, we’ve chosen vegetable glycerin as our base to minimize added sugar during immune challenges and to maximize preservation and stability.

Chest Comfort Syrup – A highly effective herbal cough syrup that acts as a natural alternative to OTC options. Helps to keep the airways open so that your little one can breathe easily even when they’re under the weather. This formula also aids in reducing cough frequency and severity, especially when given before bed to support a full night of sleep! With its blend of soothing and clearing herbs that support the respiratory system and boost the immune system, this is the perfect blend to have on hand for any bugs that come along.

Digestive Juice – This easy-to-take, pre-meal tincture aims to bring back the long forgotten tradition of utilizing “digestive bitters” before meals. With 3 sprays on the tongue (6-10 for adults) 15 minutes before eating, this formula provides powerful support to improve digestion and prevent gas, bloating, feelings of heaviness, and upset stomachs that can occur after meals. Ideal for times when you or your little one ate or drank too much, or when you simply want to settle that stomach for maximum comfort. Great for traveling, eating out, and feeling your best after indulging!

Mighty Minerals – our go-to formula to recommend if you have a picky eater on your hands! Minerals play a vital role in promoting cellular hydration, supporting immune function, and enhancing vitality for people of all ages. Mighty Minerals is formulated with mineral-rich herbs that support overall well-being and nourishment on a cellular level. With a subtly sweet taste, thanks to Acerola fruit, Mighty Minerals offers a nutritive and refreshing way to incorporate essential minerals into your little one’s daily routine — especially if they aren’t getting those nutrients and minerals from their food.

Spring Defense Tonic – A shockingly effective alternative to OTC allergy options! Safe and effective for kids and adults alike, this blend works hard to keep nasal passageways open and clear by supporting a normal, healthy response to pollen and environmental irritants. Spring Defense Tonic can be taken at the beginning of Spring to ‘train’ the immune system to be less reactive to pollen, or dosed in the moment to reduce itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, and discomfort.

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