Do you put the needs of others before your own? Are you noticing the same patterns keep coming up in your romantic relationships? Do you often worry about people liking you? On this week’s episode of What’s the Juice Podcast my close friend Krista and I get into the extremely nuanced and emotionally charged topic of codependency. And we’re not just talking about codependency in the traditional lens of a toxic romantic relationship, but also as a way of interacting with the world around us in a disconnected, one-sided way due to our pain and wounding –  forgetting who we really are. 

Krista Williams is an author, healer, entrepreneur and co-host of the top 50 podcast “Almost 30”. With an unwavering commitment to personal growth, Krista has become a beacon of inspiration for women around the world navigating their own journeys of self discovery. Through her podcast, courses, resources and retreats she helps others find themselves so that they can create a life that they love. 

In this incredibly healing episode, we explore Krista’s own journey with codependency and how it stemmed from a deep “Mother Wound.” This concept refers to the psychological impact that our relationships to our mothers have on each of us, including any physical or emotional abandonment. Krista shares how she ultimately healed her Mother Wound and codependency by genuinely getting to know herself, her worth, what she is okay with versus what she is uncomfortable with and establishing boundaries. She brings in her extensive knowledge and education in psychology, parts work, relationship health and coaching to help you better understand the difference between your true self and your thoughts and inner voices. We also talk about why codependency is often at the root of people pleasing, friendship issues like enmeshment and competition, body image issues, and addictive behavior of any kind. Finally Krista highlights the importance of actually feeling emotions instead of rationalizing or intellectualizing them and how she learned to self regulate.


  • How codependency can stem from a desire for safety, stability, and connection in intimate relationships
  • The importance of physically leaving your home to create new neural pathways and expand yourself 
  • Why healing the mother wound is crucial for developing healthy relationships with other women and yourself
  • How the concept of parts work and internal family systems can help us detach from codependent patterns and thinking
  • Why body image is a symptom of a lack of self worth and self love, not the root of it
  • How mindfulness and meditation help you to untangle your true self from your thoughts 
  • How to recognize your inner voices like the critic, perfectionist, child, and rebel
  • Why healing your inner rebel and inner teen are a major part of your individuation process
  • The challenges of adjusting to different versions of yourself and the fear of judgment and resistance from others
  • Why social media literally trains us to be codependent 
  • The power of asking yourself “am I staying in a relationship to avoid pain or to experience joy?”
  • Why it’s sometimes necessary to go through a short period of intense pain to avoid a lifetime of misalignment and low-grade suffering
  • There are seasons of life where you crave routine and other seasons when you feel called to the unknown, but staying staying present during both is the key
  • The idea that “depression is a desire for deep rest from the character that you’ve been playing”
  • Why thinking about your emotions and rationalizing them isn’t actually processing them
  • How to create space for feeling your emotions and the questions to ask yourself to initiate the processing of them
  • The power of witnessing and asking questions that support your friends in coming to their OWN conclusions, instead of going into fixer mode
  • How a darkness retreat taught Krista how to self regulate and process her emotions in the absence of any distractions
  • The power of a security statement when giving the people you love feedback 
  • How to bring parts work into your daily life so that you can show up as your whole self
  • How to nurture your inner mother 

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