Fight for GROWTH, for MOVEMENT in any and every way you can like it’s your damn job.

Stagnation = death.

Stagnation of the body means cysts, and swelling, and fresh blood unable to move into its daily job sites. Our workers get lazy; we don’t feel the cracks ’til the whole building falls.

Stagnation of the mind means we become rigid in our thoughts; we choose only to learn from those who have the same beliefs, unable to see how the ones we disagree with most have so much left to teach. Clinging to the edge of our dogmatic views, we shut out the lessons right under our nose.

Stagnation of the soul means we give up on its cries, trading in our dreams for soundproof headphones and someone else’s MP3s.

Stagnation of the emotions means we hold it all inside until we fucking burst. We trade in expression for addiction, thinking we’ll be the ones to outsmart the system.

Stagnation of the heart means we lie to ourselves. Hurt one too many times, we convince our 4 chambers there’s no love left to give. We go it alone and fill up the holes with anything but what we really need.

Stagnation is the opposite of life, of flow, of growth.

It tricks us into thinking we’re comfortable in the burning room, just because it’s warm in there.

Numbing the pain is easy, but it’s NOT why you were put on this earth. Get out of that room, feel the cold on your skin and get ready to be great.

Your girl O <3

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