Latin Name: Turnera diffusa
Herb Class/Action: reproductive/Kidney Qi tonic, aphrodisiac, nervine, digestive bitter
Parts Used: leaves, stems of flowering tops
Flavors: pungent, aromatic, bitter, astringent
Energetics: warming and drying
Traditional Benefits: supports sexual health, support reproductive health, supports mood, promotes mental clarity, supports the central nervous system, supports digestion, supports a healthy stress response

Think of this warming herb as Mother Nature’s love potion: a passion-inspiring, digestion-supporting, mood-enhancing, nerve-calming powerhouse most commonly used as a supportive tonic for libido. Helpful for those feeling rundown, in need of an herbal ally to help reignite their vivacious spirit.*

Native to the Southwestern United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America, this flowering herb has deeply warming energetic properties—and she sure is known to bring the heat! 

For centuries, Damiana’s leaves have been prepared in various drinks, tonics, and liqueurs—traditionally consumed during celebrations to boost connection and energize.

Damiana is your friend if you live in your head — helping to ease stress and worry, allowing one to better connect with their body, thus supporting deepened physical pleasure. Basically, instead of creating sexual energy out of thin air, it helps you focus in on and be present with the sensual nature that is already within you by calming and quieting distractions and worries. 

This may be because Damiana supports healthy levels of serotonin and dopamine within the brain, both of which are neurotransmitters associated with pleasure and optimal nervous system balance.

Now, just because it’s most powerful on the mind doesn’t mean it’s only working in one place. Damiana is also said to have warming and stimulating effects on the body—helping to support and maintain the optimal flow of blood and oxygen to the gential areas, bringing energy down out of the mind and into the body. This herb’s blood-and-Qi moving properties are responsible for its ability to support heightened sensuality within the senses.

While preparations typically include the leaves, Damiana can also be prepared as a flower essence. This highly concentrated and powerful format is said to help reconnect one to their primal needs—recommended for those feeling stressed or anxious around sex. 

Damiana made its way into cowboy culture in Texas and the Southwest, and you’ll spot stylized versions of the plant’s leaves on cowboy boot designs.

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