A few years ago I was an overwhelmed human and entrepreneur who had put exercise on the back burner for far too long. I started experiencing early signs of metabolic dysfunction: my fasting blood sugar was creeping into the pre-diabetic range (100, then 105, then 110) and my fasting insulin was high (a test that not many doctors run but is so valuable!) ⁣

My doctor Dr. Gabrielle Lyon told me I absolutely HAD to start lifting weights as one of my ‘prescriptions’ to balance my blood sugar – not only to reverse insulin resistance and get my body fat/muscle ratio (aka body composition) to a healthier place but to protect my cognition and brain for years to come. 

First I started with walking, then pilates, then finally got serious about the diet changes, weight training, and herbal tools that got me where I am today. ⁣Your 20s and 30s are KEY for setting yourself up to maintain vitality and healthy brain function as you age. ⁣It wasn’t until I watched my mom’s sharp decline due to Alzheimer’s, that everything clicked for me.⁣ Dr. Lyon and I covered this topic at length in our podcast episode linked here and we drill down on why insulin resistance + metabolic syndrome are directly linked to cognitive health.

While nothing is one size fits all, these tips make a huge difference when it comes to balancing your blood sugar. 

My Top Tips For Balancing Your Blood Sugar:

  • Weight lifting: more muscle = more insulin sensitivity, as it’s the most insulin-sensitive tissue in the body. heavy weights + progressive overload is what builds true lean muscle mass – it doesn’t bulk you!
  • ⁣Cinnamon: This herb not only increases insulin sensitivity and helps with PCOS, but supports glucose transport and utilization.
  • ⁣ACV before meals: the acetic acid in vinegar helps your muscles use the carbs in your food more efficiently instead of them hanging around in your blood.
  • Insulin sensitizing herbs: Bitter Melon, Gymnema, and Cinnamon are research-backed herbs that really helped me with spikes and cravings. These are the star herbs in our GlucoBitters formula which is blood sugar balancing herbal vinegar.
  • ⁣Eat breakfast within 30 mins of waking up⁣: Our bodies, especially as women, are hormonally primed to eat upon waking. Our body’s circadian rhythm is fine-tuned with the natural rhythms of nature (ie; sunrise = it’s time to fuel up for the day). Skipping breakfast often leads to a spike in stress hormones which naturally spikes blood sugar.
  • ⁣Prioritizing protein⁣: Protein is the most important building block on your plate. Aim for somewhere around 30 grams per meal! Just for reference: 2 eggs = only 12g of protein
  • ⁣More fiber and polyphenols from pigmented produce: blueberries, pomegranate, purple cabbage, red peppers, etc. The brighter the color, the better!
  • ⁣Walk: Just 10 minutes of walking after meal-time has been shown in studies to have more of an impact than diabetes medication.
  • Be mindful of portions

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