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Hi blog. 🙂

It’s been a minute, but I promise I’ve been MIA for a reason. Over the last few months, I made a podcast for you that I put my heart & soul into. New year, new decade, new level, new us… It’s about to get JUICY.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love nothing more than to nerd out about herbs, talk about my feelings (?), and peel back the layers of what ails us until we get to the root cause. My philosophy is that our bodies have the power to heal on a physical and emotional level when we embrace the right tools, habits, and a practice of radical self-honesty… and my goal has always been to unleash that power within myself.

Every step of the way, I share as much as I can about my own journey to show that although I may still be figuring it out, it CAN be done. We CAN be the best version of ourselves. We CAN make human mistakes and learn from them and use our pain to get better. We CAN feel incredible and work with our bodies instead of against them. We are here to thrive and I want to help the world do that.

This year, I’m starting my podcast—What’s The Juice— for the same reason I started my blog and Instagram: when I learn something new or gain an understanding of a topic that hits close to home, I want to share that truth so loud that anyone can use it and learn from it to navigate their own circumstances. Whether it’s an organic lip tint or my favorite lymphatic facial massage, I share the details with the OO fam.

Knowledge is power in every sense of the world, and I know you all place as much value on information just as much as I do. The world is changing, and as long blog posts are becoming a trend of the past, these weekly episodes are my new avenue in which to share as much juicy info (and ah-ha moments) as possible.

A couple of months ago, Nick and I flew to LA to start production of the first season with my producer, Jess. We thought the podcast would be a way for me to share more of the “Olivia” behind Organic Olivia… lighter topics, candid chats, more storytelling perhaps… until I realized that I live and breathe OO – not just the brand but the “lifestyle”. Even when I’m supposed to be resting I’m thinking about hormone imbalance and the HPA axis. When I look at people on the train, I automatically see patterns and subtle health cues in their faces. I’m always subconsciously observing the habits of those who are thriving and those who are declining. I think about the human condition constantly, obsessively aim to improve my own, and searching for ways to diminish suffering.

I want to help, I want to talk about the hard stuff, and I want to make an impact.

While I set out to keep it personal and down-to-earth in my own way, I quickly realized there was a different aroma of substance to this podcast. This project was evolving into something very powerful: a way for me to give back to this community, to deepen my own understanding on a multitude of topics, and to share and embrace where I’m at right now in life with playful honesty.

My goal is to share these episodes with you guys as a way to say thank you for growing with me and uncover more together. Most importantly, let’s have fun doing it and create a genuine place to learn and feel connected.

Now let’s get into EPISODE #00 – THE CANDID PILOT – meet our tiny team and learn why we started this.

In this pilot episode, my producer and I talk about how this project came to life and what we learned during the process of putting it together. I’m so proud of the conversations we have in store for you, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the guests who took the time to sit down with me and share so much valuable, tangible information. Every conversation is an exploration into a new lens of health – a deeper, juicier layer. Even in episodes with more of a storytelling format, like when Nick and I talk about some of our favorite stories from our 8 years together, we are focused on what we can take from life’s experiences and how we can have more gratitude. More love. More growth.

I want you guys to hear every sincere conversation and be exposed to all of the modalities and people who have made an impact in my life by teaching me something, standing for something, or overcoming and becoming something. Each exchange leads back to the same pot of gold: how to know the self and in doing so, heal the self.

Most importantly, we repeatedly uncover a common truth… once you start to discover more about your body and start asking questions about the physical, you inevitably get to the emotional. That is where some of our greatest work lies.

During the production period we recorded two, sometimes three, episodes per day back to back to back. What kept me going was knowing that I was creating something special for those who truly get it and ask the same questions I do. For those who have made all of my work and becoming the herbalist I am today possible. I love connecting dots and seeing patterns, and we have plenty of that in this season. And, we tried to capture as many “behind the scenes” moments as possible to take you along every step.

Doctor G! <3

Over the past 7+ years this community has been with me through it all — the highs and the lows. The celebrations and the tribulations. In a sense we’ve grown up together and it’s time for us to start the next chapter. I know that so many of you have gone through immense and sometimes painful changes right alongside me, yet we’re still here healing generational trauma and working towards the life we know is possible.

Lastly, I’m so grateful for my very small and intentional team. The people who helped me create this podcast are really more like family, and I wouldn’t have been able to make it happen without them. I know you guys will love meeting and seeing more of them through these episodes.

Here are some of our podcast community values that we cover in this episode:

  • We believe that human beings have the ability to heal themselves.
  • We believe that healing starts first and foremost with understanding.
  • We believe powerfully in holistic modalities, with a healthy integration of Western med when applicable. Again, knowledge and understanding is power.
  • We believe that there isn’t a single pill, a single answer, or a single way to heal. Healing is NOT linear.
  • We believe in community. Being around people who SEE YOU is imperative to mental health.
  • We believe the best thing in life is raw conversation. Letting what’s inside of you out.
  • We believe in PEOPLE. When people know better they genuinely try to do better.
  • We believe in FUN and in following the signs that the universe presents.

What I’m sharing with you this season is the type of content I want to consume myself: no ads, no sponsored episodes, just real conversation with space to improve. You can listen to every episode on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, and YouTube.

If you take one thing from this episode, let it be this: try to remember there’s always going to be “stuff” that we pick up OR bring up that we have to work through and shed everyday. So the practice becomes how to continuously move that stuff out ~ how to stay juicy and flexible in a world where tension is often the norm. Most importantly, stay flexible with yourself. We’re all a work in progress and you don’t need to be “fixed” to be whole. Sometimes self-care is pausing the self improvement. Sometimes it’s figuring out how to let loose.

If you have questions or feedback leave a comment on my Instagram (@organic_olivia) and if you haven’t already, join the *secret* What’s The Juice Facebook group where we’re sharing the stuff that didn’t make it into the episode.

Stay Juicy,



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