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On today’s episode… we’re going for a wild ride down astrology lane. Because what’s the point of life on earth if we can’t have a little fun with the stars? ?

20 years ago, if you asked someone for their moon/sun/rising signs, they’d probably look at you sideways, or laugh at you for “reading your horoscope.” Nowadays? I have every single friend and family member’s chart stored in my Co-Star app, including a few uber drivers whose signs I just HAD to know.

Today’s episode furthers our theme from last week of understanding ourselves and our behavior… but instead of learning how codependent we are, we’re gonna have some FUN and learn about our personalities through the lens of astrology. I’m all about playing with the many different paradigms in which we can further unpack ourselves, our quirks and our choices: enneagram, human design, zodiac signs you name it — I know my type and I’m usually ready to tell you allllll about yours. ?

Speaking of which. The first half of this episode is Nick and I straight up roasting and psychoanalyzing the 12 signs, so this is a fair warning. You can’t be mad at me for what I said about you (looking @ you Aries and Scorpio friends) because I made sure to roast my own sign (Leo) even worse. Yes, we are ANNOYING AS HELL. But you have to love us. It’s a thing.

Now let’s get into EPISODE #05 – IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S YOUR SIGN – a 2020 astrology update w/ Danielle Paige

At least this time I gave my Sagittarius fam a break. (I told you I adore you — you’re just INTENSE sometimes, okay?!?!)

After Nick and I start the episode off with our ruthless zodiac roster, we jump right into my interview with intuitive astrologer Danielle Paige who takes a no-BS approach to life and lays everything out on the table. She is so confident not only in who she is, but in her work helping people navigate major life shifts through her readings and guidance.

I deeply admire Danielle’s journey and her philosophy on owning your life and purpose. Seeing things the way she does — past the physical and deep into the spiritual — can’t be easy. Dealing and working in the world of energy and intuition comes with it’s own unique set of challenges. I hope that her story of how she got to a place where she was able to accept her own gifts inspires all of us to accept that we each have the ability to tap into spirit/connection, receive signs/divine guidance and feel energetic shifts of the collective on a deep level.

That’s why we regard those of us around us who dedicate their lives to intuitive energy work as “special”. I see them as bold, creative, curious, and empathetic. A big part of Danielle’s journey was coming to terms with and embracing her truth.

If you guys have been following me for a while you know that my dreams are vivid AF. I once had a dream that a teacher microwaved my tongue. (lol)

This entire conversation about astrology and what lies beyond what we can “see” reminded me that we all must pay attention to our dreams. Our intuition. Our inklings. Our gut punches.

While giving me a live reading, Danielle touched on a core truth for me: I will never feel satisfied unless I am helping people on a deep level, especially with their mental health.

During this episode, we touch on soulmates, soul contracts, the dreaded “saturn return,” trusting God/source/the universe, and learning to work with the cosmic flow. We are energetic beings, and this episode is about opening our consciousness and embracing the shifts as they come.

“Energy is energy and energy flows through us. If I leave a place and I’m drained, ask myself, is this my stuff or is it someone else’s?”

– Danielle Paige

My specifics for anyone who wants to nerd out or may have a similar chart:

** Mercury is in my 12th house, this means I do a lot of processing during the day. I need to be super aware of my mind body connection and keep my mental health in check. 

** Sun Sign = your life force and it’s also in my 12th house. Anyone who has a sun in the twelfth house you are here to help people who are emotionally struggling or suffering in some way. Working w/ people who are (in one way or another) in the prison of their own minds. 

** My sun is conjunct Chiron = past life energy or wound and I’m tuned into the collective. 

** My North Node = in Sag. All about tapping into intuition. Your purpose. It’s a frequency you’re moving into throughout your entire life. 

** My South Node  = in Gemini. Indecisive. It’s also a gift —> I’m very curious. Love to hone in on one area that’s very specific and share that with the world. 




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