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You guys, to say that things are totally wild right now would be a major understatement. But in the midst of all that is going on in our world and in my family life, I keep coming back to the same thing: Healthy relationships M-A-T-T-E-R. This isn’t necessarily anything new or groundbreaking, but it’s REAL. And if I’m here to do anything at all, being real is at the top of my priority list. 

I’m constantly researching and learning and because of that, I feel like my views and philosophies are constantly evolving! Sometimes I look back on things I wrote years ago and am amazed by how far I have come. But other times, I read old Instagram or blog posts and it feels like I could have written them just yesterday. 

Here’s an example: Back in 2016, I published an article on my blog called Why Healthy Relationships Matter More than Healthy Cholesterol Levels. I just HAD to share this in my Instagram stories last week because it is sooo relevant to everything I’m experiencing. Okay, so maybe high cholesterol isn’t necessarily in the forefront of everyone’s mind at the moment, but relationships most definitely are. 

Did you know that the quality of our relationships directly impacts our physical health? Our wellbeing is so dependent on our relationships and friendships, and that’s why it’s vital that we stay in touch with our communities — even though right now it’s challenging.

But First, Juice. 

To get every last ounce out of this episode, you need to do one quick thing before we dive in… Get your free personal Human Design Chart! Click HERE, then enter your name, birthdate, birthtime, and birthplace. 

You ready? Okay, cool. 

Let’s get juicy! In episode #11 we learn all about the foundation of Human Design from a true expert, Erin Claire Jones. (Yes, she really goes by Erin Claire Jones and I think that’s just about the coolest thing EVER.) 

But before you press play, I gotta warn you about the second half of the episode when we go reeeal deep into my Human Design chart and what makes me ME. 

#sorrynotsorry. I’m a Leo and I can’t help it.

Erin gives us an overview on what Human Design is and what it does. In short, it’s a self awareness tool that can help you make decisions and show you if you’re on the right path. 

One thing I absolutely LOVE about Human Design is that it’s another gateway to knowing yourself. It’s similar to astrology in the sense that it peels back the layers to reveal who we are and how we work, allowing us to get into a flow where we can exist with less pushing and resistance … and damn, if I don’t need more of that in my life!

“You mean I don’t have to keep pushing through life? You mean I don’t have to keep struggling? It can come to me when I’m doing my own work? Oh my goodness — That’s what I always wanted! It’s a way to also give the self permission to be who we really are.”


You guys are really going to have to listen to the episode to get the full scope of Human Design like its origins, principles, and — most importantly — how to implement it in your life in a way that truly resonates with you. But here are some of the highlights!

Human Design draws from other systems like astrology, Kabbalah, quantum physics, genetics, bio physics, and MORE. I absolutely love this because it totally reflects my personal philosophy as an herbalist. I don’t practice just one thing! I pull from Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Western herbal medicine, etc. and create my own way of doing things.

Speaking of being an herbalist, you KNOW I couldn’t learn about each of the Human Design Energy Types without prescribing a healing herb for each. I get into this more in the episode but I’m too amped not to share it here! Read on to find your perfect herb according to your type…

There are 5 Energy Types in Human Design:

1. Projector

2. Manifestor

3. Generator

4. Manifesting Generator

5. Reflectors


I could go on and on about my type, the Projector. In fact, Erin Claire Jones and I literally do go on and on about this in the episode because we’re both Projectors. (Again, I’m a Leo. Don’t @ me.)

Projectors are here to be guides, leaders, and teachers. We are great at giving advice, asking questions, and taking care of ourselves. We’re usually masters in our craft, but here’s the catch… We require time to cultivate and really go deep before we can emerge and share what we’ve learned. 

We have SUPER inconsistent energy meaning we are the most vulnerable to ‘over-doing’. We need alone time to rest, recharge, and let go of others’ energy. We actually tend to take on other people’s hunger, sexuality, addiction, etc. and it’s so important that we take breaks to step away and reflect on our own needs. Not only is it essential that we honor our energetic ups and downs, we also have to be careful of coming across like know-it-alls. We have to wait for an invitation to share our knowledge and spill when the time is just right.

The Projectors Human Design Herb: Rose and Chamomile to help you wind down.


Manifestors are the true path-forgers and I love you guys for that. When you’re stepping into your power you’re unstoppable, impactful, innovative, and independent. You NEED freedom to be who you are and you must feel in control of your life. 

One major challenge for Manifestors is to overcome your temptation to ask for permission and your desire to blend in. You were literally BORN to stand out. Remember to own your unique power! You don’t need to fit into anyone else’s flow and it’s totally okay not to seek outside validation.

The Manifestors Human Design Herb: Holy Basil to help you tap into your inner voice.


Nick is a Generator and I am so here for it… especially when I’m well rested (lol). You all are known for your passion, energy, and reliability. Erin Claire Jones actually referred to you as “lighthouses”. How cool is that? 

As a Generator, you’re able to run on all cylinders and really focus on the things you’re most excited about. When you’re channeling your energy in the right ways, you are LIT by everything from your career to your friendships. Buuut… you may also have a tendency to say yes to everything and wind up feeling depleted and frustrated. So it’s important for you to let go of anything that’s draining you and create space for the stuff that truly inspires you! 

The Generators Human Design Herb: Devil’s Club to protect you from your inability to create boundaries.


Let’s give it up for my producer, Jess! Without this Manifesting Generator in my life I just don’t know what I’d do. If you’re a Manifesting Generator, you’re likely a major multi-tasker and a quick mover. You’re incredibly magnetic. 

But because you can do a bajillion things at once, you’re also prone to the same hang ups as Generators. Be sure to honor the things you’re most excited about so you can step into your full power! Ask yourself regularly “Am I doing this because I’m really lit up by it?” and you’ll instantly be able to determine if you’re on the right path.

The Manifesting Generators Human Design Herb: Adaptogens to protect your adrenals.


You rare beautiful birds, you. If you’re a Reflector, you’re in the 1-2% of entire population. And you know what? That’s okay. We don’t actually need as many of you because you’re powerful af. You literally amplify everything you take in and can offer the truest, most objective assessment of everything you experience. 

It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you surround yourself in environments that feel good to you because it directly affects your wellbeing. As a Reflector, you need to give yourself permission to adapt and change and embrace what feels true to you in each moment. Your identity may change every day, and you will thrive when you live in that truth.

The Reflectors Human Design Herb: Astragalus to strength the membrane between other people’s energy and emotions.

Okay, that’s all for now… but there is SO MUCH MORE that we get into in this episode.

Listen to find out: 

  • The signs your type is on track or off track. (I LOVE this part.)
  • Some validating statements for each type.
  • The different Authorities a.k.a. decision making styles.
    Spoiler Alert: I’m an emotional authority which means I need TIME and a ton of emotional ups and downs before I’m able to make a conscious decision.
  • Undefined (Open) Centers vs. Defined (Closed) Centers

“Human design helps us know how to best take care of ourselves so we can really show up.”

– Erin Claire Jones

SO — What’s the Juice?

– Human Design has a crazy story. It’s the science of understanding ourselves, but it’s not really a science because it can’t be proven. While there are elements of the quantum physics nature that have been proven, we don’t need to prove its accuracy  — We’ve just gotta listen to it and see how it resonates.

– Founded by Alan, now Ra Uru Hu.

– Self awareness is the mission of the Human Design system.


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