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You guys, it’s time for me to fully geek out about one thing I love most in life: HERBS. 

Episode #14 of What’s The Juice is the first installment of an ongoing series I’m calling “WHO IS *SHE?*” 


Because plants 100% have personalities, and once you’re familiar with them, you’ll start recognizing how their characteristics align with people.

Each of these episodes will give you the juice on a specific herb so you can understand:

  • How the herb got its name
  • The unique characteristics of specific herbs
  • The flavor profiles of different herbs
  • How an herb affects the body, its affinity, and what it acts on

The most exciting part of having this foundational knowledge is that you’ll be able to identify which herbs may be best suited to your body, and maybe even become an herb match-maker for other people in your life! When it comes to herbal remedies, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. We are ALL different so there’s a never-ending treasure trove of new things to learn about herbs and how to use them!


Oh, hey — It me, Agrimony. I align with this herb SO MUCH so it was an obvious choice for this episode. 

But before I get into the juiciness of this herb, I have to give a major shout out to my incredible teachers, Claudia Keel and Matthew Wood. I highly recommend clicking on their links in the show notes so you can learn more about them.

Okay, so here are some fast facts about agrimony…

Agrimony’s general profile:

  • It’s a part of the rose family
  • It’s a liver support herb (In fact, its common name is ‘liverwort’. Cute, right?)
  • It’s an astringent, so it’s cooling and drying
  • Its flavor is bitter, pungent, with a mild sweet and sour

Other traditional uses of agrimony in Cherokee, Greek, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicine:

  • Building up the blood
  • Treating snake bites and other poisonings
  • Treating jaundice
  • Treating gout
  • Preventing/treating parasites
  • Emotional and physical balancing
  • Clearing toxins from the gut and waste from the body

Agrimony is for anyone experiencing:

  • Chronic tension or pain (Particularly tension in the kidneys or shoulders and up… i.e. a clenched jaw. Major flashback to our last episode with Dr. Dani. The frequency that the jaw is coming up now is starting to freak. me. out. Okay, universe — I hear you.)
  • Sleeplessness or restlessness
  • Buried emotional pain
  • Weak mucous membranes i.e. leaky gut
  • Excessive internal bleeding or wounds
  • Liver stagnation or dampness in the liver

Think you and agrimony might hit it off?

If reading that list reminded you of yourself or someone you know, try creating a tincture of agrimony to see if you vibe! I recommend mixing her with a glycerin base… alcohol will probably be too drying. 

Before you get too amped and over-do it, remember this: Ya girl Agrimony is STRONG so introduce yourself slowly. At the beginning of this episode, I tried a few drops of my tincture and mid-way through recording I was already burping from my liver stagnation releasing!

Here’s some of the best ways to use agrimony:
(Seriously, tho — just a few drops to start!)

  • Add it to warm water
  • Put it directly on your tongue
  • Mix it with plantain leaf or marshmallow tea for dry people or just before the menstrual cycle.
  • Mix it with moistening adaptogenic herbs like American ginseng for someone older or eleuthero root for a male with low yang energy
  • Combine it with burdock root for liver and lymph support

I know this may seem like a lot of info upfront, but we get WAY juicier in the pod. If you want to find out if agrimony is your herbal match, hear about agrimony’s use in witchcraft, and learn some sure-fire signs you need liver support, you’ll def want to tune in. 

As always, thanks for listening and staying juicy. We’re all just out here tryin’ to spread the herb love and that makes so damn happy!




Claudia Keel’s Website:

Matthew Wood’s Website:

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  • Hélène says:

    Hey Olivia,
    It has been sooo good to find you, your podcast! So much juicy informations about herbs! <3
    Thank you so so so much for all of that good stuff!
    I am being my own “Olivia”, surfing the autodidact vibe, and hoping to find here in Switzerland an equally amazing herbalist school as you do!
    Sadly herbalism isn’t really recognized as a profession here…
    I love the pairing you do with human beings and I realize now how I sense their energy but never realized how I unconsciously pair them together!
    Anyway I could go on and on!
    What you do, your good vibes, energy, the amount of valuable free content you give is amazing!
    Thank you so so much !
    Lots and lots of Love,

  • Erica D says:

    Where can i find an agrimony tincture or a recipe to make my own? I’m not finding much info on the world wide web except for a few already made tinctures on Etsy but i’m not sure about the quality of those

  • Lauren Daeger says:

    Olivia! Can you recommend/link me to that Agrimony tincture you use in the Pod? Would also appreciate a rec for Solomon’s Seal!

  • Pamela Martinez says:

    Where would you suggest finding agrimony?

  • Scarlett says:

    Olivia thank you for this! Where do you suggest getting a good agrimony tincture?!

  • Pricilla Rhine says:

    I love that you talk about real topics that help people find ways to heal naturally. Thank you!

  • Heather says:

    OO team,
    THANK YOU. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into every single podcast, interview, blog post, and product. God is using you as a messenger of good news – using incredible medicine modalities that our environment and universe have created for us. I am truly grateful for all the incredible information that is always thoughtfully communicated to your audience. There have been a lot of “ah ha!” moments on this journey and I am excited to continue this path and learn as much as I can. You are truly valued and appreciated. Thank you.

  • Alejandra says:

    What brand do you recommend? Is agrimony part of your tintures? Thank you for sharing so much wonderful knowledge. I really love listening to your podcast.

  • Allison L Suchora says:

    Hallelujah for agrimony!

  • Pati R says:

    Agrimony is talking to me 💖

  • Thanks for this episode. Seems like I could benefit from that amazing plant! Any thoughts on agrimony tea? Same indications? Suggested blends?

  • O'Reilly says:

    Love love love this series! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion is such an accessible way!!

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