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Welcome back to another installment of WHO IS SHE. This week we’re getting to know a plant I think we can all vibe with right now… it’s our girl, AVENA SATIVA.

I don’t know about you, but all that’s been going on lately has required tons of energy for me and I’ve been seriously leaning on my calming adaptogens to keep my stress in check, my mind clear, and my immune system strong.

So, technically our girl avena sativa isn’t an adaptogen but you could say she moonlights as one. Avena is actually a nervine that responds well to adaptogens so she’s often combined with them so she can work her healing magic. She’s nourishing, lubricating, and gentle… so it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that she’s one of the most comforting foods I can think of: Oatmeal.


Yes, avena is LITERAL oatmeal but she’s also so much more than that! This plant is super versatile because it has a few different parts that are used in their own unique way. Like I said, she’s nurturing AF and she’s basically an ally to everyone… but there are certain types of people who will majorly benefit from a daily dose of avena sativa. 

Avena sativa’s general profile:

  • It’s a nervine
  • It’s rich in bioavailable magnesium 
  • It’s naturally sweet
  • It’s lubricating
  • It nourishes the kidney yin
  • It’s supports gut health
  • It’s uber nutritious and has a high mineral content

Avena sativa’s 3 parts:

  • Milky Oat Seed: This part of avena sativa is a goldmine of medicine, but it only occurs for a short window of time as the seeds mature. They can be used fresh or in a tincture with alcohol or glycerin.
  • Oat: When avena’s seeds mature and harden, they become the oats that we use for oatmeal.
  • Oat Straw: These are the seedless stalks of the avena sativa plant and they must be soaked overnight to extract the minerals. I’ve linked to my oatstraw overnight infusion in the show notes!

    Avena sativa is the perfect partner for someone who:
  • Is adrenally depleted
  • Is mentally and physically exhausted
  • Is sensitive to caffeine
  • Is hypersensitive to stress
  • Is physically dry: dry skin, brittle hair, vaginal dryness, etc.
  • Has a low libido or male impotence 
  • Is hyperreactive to unexpected sounds
  • Gets nervous headaches
  • Has hypothyroid function
  • Is depressed

In short, avena is perfect for someone who is just D-O-N-E. This comforting plant is basically a warm hug, so she’s my go-to gal for anyone who needs some deep nurturing.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Don’t worry — I got you. Avena is a plant that you can add to your day-to-day without the supervision of an herbalist. You can find her at your local herb store or from an organic seller online and start using her right AFTER you listen to this juicy episode! Trust me, go tune in so you can learn more about how to use avena in a way that will nourish you without creating an imbalance!

One more thing to remember: Herbs are NOT an overnight cure! Be patient and consistent with Avena and she’s sure to become your mineral-rich best friend.

Stay juicy, angels!




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