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Hi, pod fam! I have a question. Have you ever experienced something that seemed unexplainable or like more than just a coincidence? I’m talking lights flickering or hearing a voice in your head or constantly hearing a loved one’s favorite song after they passed. You might have thought, “Is this a sign?” or “What does that mean?” And let me tell you—if you find yourself asking those questions, the answer is almost certainly YES!

Okay, sooooooo….what does this mean?? 

This week’s podcast guest is here to shine a little light on how we all have a SIXTH sense—we just get to decide whether to tap into it or not. I am thrilled for you guys to get to know Alea Lovely: author, speaker, energy reader, energy coach, host of the “Spiritual Shit” podcast, and incredibly down-to-earth human. I had an energy reading with her before recording this episode and immediately referred three of my best friends (and my doctor!) to her. She’s that good. Alea has a lot of thoughts on intuition, surrendering, and the insane year that is 2020, and I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say!

Ready to get juicy? Let’s start with the basics.

What is an energy reading and how does it work?

OKAY, this first part is for all my skeptics out there—you know who you are! One of the first things Alea points out is that there’s nothing mystical or weird about energy. It’s LITERALLY science. It’s not magic or making a deal with the devil, for anyone who might be scared or turned off by these “woo-woo” practices. Only good vibes here, fam. You can look to quantum physics, quantum mechanics, metaphysics—these studies where we measure waves of energy in all things. Everything—and everyone—in our world (and beyond) has/is energy. 

So, essentially, an energy reading is just tapping into the energy of someone else and the energies that surround them. 

But what does that look like?

Outside of our physical body, we have energy fields that communicate outside of ourselves, each with a different frequency. The 7 layers of the auric AKA electromagnetic AKA energy field are:

  1. Etheric Layer – closest to body (if you’ve ever had an aura photo taken, it’s this layer) 
  2. Emotional Layer – desires, emotions, feelings
  3. Mental Layer – intellect, imagination, memory 
  4. Astral Layer – associated with the heart chakra (our biggest communicator; this is the one Alea can tune into most easily)
  5. Etheric Template – kind of the blueprint for your life
  6. Celestial Layer – wisdom, intuition
  7. Spiritual/Ketheric Layer – your higher self

Everyone has those energy fields around them, but the way everyone is able to connect to energy is not the same (but similar!). Alea, for example, is clairsentient and interprets energy through sound. She hears voices both inside and outside her head, communicated to her through energy waves. These might be from her intuition or higher self, or they could be from external guides: her spirit guides, your spirit guides, ancestors… The key is listening—to just to let the wisdom come through where it needs to come through.

Okay, so how does one begin to connect to energy?

For Alea, it’s been an innate ability since she was young—one that she turned off and suppressed for a while because it didn’t align with her upbringing and external parameters. Eventually, she learned to accept that this is a part of her. Once she did that and acknowledged what she was experiencing wasn’t weird, the more these energy communications started to flood in. 

“This is a part of who we are as humans. We don’t have 5 senses; we have 6.”

Alea Lovely

The sixth sense isn’t just a movie…

A lot of skeptics question psychics, mediums, energy workers, and the like because it’s like, “why does this person think they’re special?” or “why should they be able to access it and not me?” But it’s not that at all! We’re all capable of connecting with energy—we just have to learn how to trust this gift within ourselves.

The way we can do that is learning how to get into a “flow state”, which is basically just our highest vibration—the point of letting our guard down, feeling joy, being open, being totally tuned in to what’s around us.

Think about energy in the form of music. Music has energy—is energy. The rhythm and volume and speed and tone are all things you can literally see. For me, music is how I’ve been able to get into my flow state: tuning out the world and singing for hours and letting my emotions come through. Other high-vibrational things to help you get into that state are dancing, getting out in nature, massages (phew—once I hit 90 minutes, I start having really intense visions), meditation, and sound baths.

What’s stopping a lot of us from getting into that flow state and connecting with energy on the reg? At this point, Alea can just tune in and out on demand—and it’s because she trusts herself, doesn’t argue herself out of it, and has put in a lot of work to heal and accept herself for who she is.

For a lot of us, the hurdle is not being in touch with our feminine energy (which could also be called “yin” or “be” energy). Society tends to value masculine energy (also called “yang” or “do” energy)—not emotional, not connected, hyper-focused, productive, always moving and going. And since the intuition comes through the feminine energy, we’ve basically cut off its pathway to us. 

So, while part of it is becoming comfortable with signs and WANTING to believe, the other part is opening ourselves up to receive—by connecting with the feminine. AKA getting juicy AKA the whole point of my podcast!

How to get more in touch with your feminine/yin/be energy:

We need two things to get in touch with this part of ourselves (and this applies to everyone—women, men, non-binary people!): to rest and surrender.

  • Rest – We need to rest and recharge so we don’t burn out. And I know some of us aren’t gonna like this, but sitting and watching TV for hours is NOT rest. There’s nothing regenerative about it since your brain is absorbing and digesting everything you’re watching (and a lot of what we watch isn’t exactly nourishing). True rest is sleep, immersing yourself in nature, journaling, mediation, etc.
  • Surrender – “Let go and let God.” Let go of what you think is supposed to happen in your life (a big source of anxiety for so many!) and try to reframe how you think of everything. Anything that happens to you is information on how you’d like to respond and where you’d like to go next.

We need to stop trying to control our lives and how we think about what happens to us!








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  • janice says:

    Hi Olivia,
    A fan!!! Not sure if this is even related to this podcast, but want to know if there is anything my daughter who has “gastroparesis” can take anything to remedy her symptoms. She has been to a hollistic dr, which has helped her but wondering if you have any other remedies. She would also like to get pregnant.
    Thank you

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