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Hi, pod fam! 

One of the best lessons in life is discovering that you are not tied to any one career path—it’s never too late to change course. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how empowering that is?! I think this last year and a half has been HUGE for so many people who have realized their careers just weren’t fulfilling them anymore.

And while this week’s guest was a little ahead of the trend with her career switch, her story is no less exciting! I’m thrilled for you all to listen to creative superstar Lily Ashwell on the pod. Former clothing designer turned astrology buff, oracle card creator, artist, and design consultant, She’s the embodiment of pursuing your heart’s calling.

We’ll start with the wake-up call that led to a drastic career change and end with breaking down the best and most…shall we say…complicated traits of each astrology sign. Let’s get juicy! 

Lily’s Catalyst for Change: Lyme Disease

Lily Ashwell founded and ran her eponymous clothing line and store in Venice, California throughout most of her 20s, but a long battle with chronic illness (and multiple incorrect diagnoses along the way) led her to closing her business. 

EP. #17 A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO LYME DISEASE — Richard Mandelbaum’s powerful philosophy on treating chronic illness

Eventually, Lily was diagnosed with the brutal and chronic Lyme Disease. She tried everything to get relief from the unbelievable fatigue and flu-like symptoms that came with it. The worst treatments she tried? Antibiotics, parasite medications, fungal medications, and ozone therapy. Thankfully, she eventually found relief and strength through a combo of the following:

  • Bee venom therapy*
  • Cleaning up her sleep hygiene (aiming for 8–9 hours)
  • Drinking a lot of water (4 liters/day)
  • Cutting out processed food, but making sure to really enjoy what she’s eating
  • Constantly checking in with her body to build trust with herself, her nervous system, and her physical needs

*So, about that bee venom therapy… 

If it sounds a little wild, that’s because it is! Bee venom therapy has been used therapeutically for thousands of years for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and hormone-balancing benefits. Honeybee venom contains a compound called melittin, which studies show helps manage Lyme Disease symptoms (read about it here and here). Lily was drawn to this therapy—which involves bees stinging her spine 10 times, 3 times per week—because it can be done at home instead of a doctor’s office. In addition to its physical benefits, this treatment helps strengthen her nervous system regulating response to be better equipped for life’s daily struggles.

Want more Lyme Disease info? Check out my interview with my herb school teacher, Richard Mandelbaum from season 1 of the pod here!

Okay, since Lyme Disease uprooted Lily’s life, what happened next?

From Designer to Oracle: A New Creative Journey

With her health and business and a few other life pillars crumbling, Lily turned inward to find her next move. “I felt like I was kind of floating and I didn’t put the pressure on myself to figure out what my next move was,” she said. “All I knew was to listen to my intuition and my heart” A fascination with astrology, a passion for drawing & illustrating, and a message revealed to her led her to the creation of an oracle deck, online astrology program, and a newfound joy. 

How to use oracle cards:

Lily’s deck comes with a book that will tell you how the system of astrology works. The cards—which can be connected to astrology, to your own intuition, angels, spirit guides, or whatever you feel connected to—can be used however you’d like. Lily always recommends listening to your intuition: centering yourself, getting quiet, and infusing your energy into the deck. Pull a card or a guided spread and take away what speaks to you.

Okay, I’m obsessed with Lily’s journey and career path, but this next part of the ep is just SO juicy and fun. We did a quick-fire round of all the astrology signs—breaking down the best and most…complicated…traits of each.

A Guide to the Astrology Signs, as Told by Lily & Olivia 

Below all of the most notable traits are some shadow versions of the sign or signs of imbalance.


  • The baby of the zodiac, cardinal energy 
  • Instigating, pioneering, passionate, productive 
  • Creative, impulsive, confident, brave 
  • Shadow Sign: Starts things and doesn’t finish them; missing the follow-through


  • Connects to life through senses
  • Wired to live by Mother Nature’s laws
  • Doesn’t rush the process 
  • Loves food, yoga, body work
  • Shadow Sign: Stubborn, slow-moving, materialistic 


  • Rules left side of brain: analytics, how we think and receive info
  • Relates to how we communicate (throat chakra)
  • Air sign, quick moving, wants to learn a little about everything 
  • Shadow Sign: Unfocused, distractible, absent-minded, not present


  • Ruled by moon
  • Relates to home, intimacy, emotions, inward realm
  • Nurturing, soft and cozy, warm, loving
  • Shadow Sign: Emotional, overly sentimental, unclear on line between themselves/others or past/present 


  • Party of the zodiac 
  • Heart chakra, ruled by the sun
  • Embracing who you are, allowing yourself to shine 
  • Confident, warm, bringing people together
  • Joy of being alive, self-expression, performing 
  • Shadow Sign: Self-centered, arrogant, proud


  • Earth sign, earth angel energy
  • Perfectionist, organized, wants to be an accurate physical manifestation of the spiritual realm 
  • Spiritual connection: discover the magic in the earth 
  • Shadow Sign: Overly perfectionist, hard on themselves and judgmental (but more about self than others)


  • Air, ruled by Venus
  • Quest for harmony 
  • Considering all options, weighing things out
  • Want a peaceful, harmonious kind of outcome
  • Sign of partnership—considering both people’s needs, how to satisfy everyone 
  • Lovers of beauty: pleasing surroundings, beautiful scenery 
  • Shadow Sign: Judicious, don’t like when things are unfair, don’t like chaos, don’t do well in imbalance situations, indecisive 


  • The most intense energy 
  • Transformation
  • Pulling what’s buried deep beneath the surface, ugly truths 
  • Darkness to scorpio, but it’s not sinister—just doesn’t want there to be anything hidden or pushed away (wants us to be unafraid)
  • Peeling back layers of onions 
  • Shadow Sign: Manipulative, too intense, emotional highs and lows


  • Opposite of Gemini
  • Philosopher, explorer, growth, expansion, adventurous 
  • Embracing our boundless nature 
  • Fearless, trailblazer
  • Shadow Sign: Chronically dissatisfied, always on a journey, never settling down


  • Work ethic, Earth sign
  • Present, realistic
  • Most serious sign, goal-oriented, disciplined
  • High standards (especially for selves)
  • Shadow Sign: Being cold or aloof, disconnected from deeper realms/emotion, too attached to a desired outcome, tunnel vision


  • Humanitarian 
  • Air sign, ruled by Uranus 
  • Forward thinking, birds-eye view of situations
  • Very original, sudden change, restructuring breakthrough 
  • Shadow Sign: Too fixated on one idea at the expense of your own individual needs


  • Transcend physical realm and enter the spiritual
  • Tapped into the higher levels, all one and not individual 
  • Empathetic, compassionate, can feel others’ joys and sorrows
  • Intuitive, almost psychic 
  • Shadow Sign: Losing yourself in another person, escapism/being out of touch with reality, not recognizing human imperfections 

As always, tune into the episode for allll the juicy goodness in this ep! Be sure to share your thoughts with me on our NEW IG, @shoporganicolivia



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