Radhi Devlukia is a plant-based cook, mission-driven entrepreneur and a well-being enthusiast. She is passionate about building a health and wellness community that encourages people to understand themselves, their environment and everything they put in or on their body on a deeper level. 

Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself? In this episode, we cover the approachable practices and questions that you can ask yourself to reconnect with your most authentic self, shed your ego and find your voice. Radhi’s practical and holistic approach to self care is the real deal, emphasizing the importance of nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. As a holistic health coach rooted in Ayurveda, Radhi discusses mindful eating and shares her favorite kitchen medicine staples and recipes that you can start implementing into your daily routine. Other topics include how to meditate if you struggle to sit in silence, the concept of dating yourself, and what to do to get clarity on your soul’s purpose.

Radhi’s curiosity and appreciation for food and Ayurveda can be traced back to her childhood in the UK, where she was surrounded by incredible home cooks. In fact it was her foodie mom who ultimately encouraged her to pursue nutrition, leading to her dietetic program, masters in nutrition and formal education in Ayurveda and yoga. She now creates mouth-watering recipes (shout out to her new cookbook!) and Ayurvedic teas, using conscious cooking and living to get the most out of her life.


  • How Radhi’s cultural upbringing in Ayurveda deeply influenced her career path  
  • How Radhi’s experience working in a hospital as a clinical dietician made her reevaluate her role as a caretaker and practitioner
  • The exact moment Radhi knew that she had found her calling
  • Why the way that we cook and prepare our food has the ability to nourish far more than just our physical bodies 
  • Why sharing your knowledge with others and the world is critical for shedding ego 
  • The difference between self doubt and the doubt that others may have about you as related to imposter syndrome
  • How you can only truly access the hearts of others when you speak from your own heart
  • How experiencing the world through ego translates to social anxiety and the need to be liked by others 
  • Why being physically present but not mentally present creates gaps in your memory and how to stop this from happening
  • The simple practice that will help to align you with your most authentic self 
  • How mantra meditation can be transformative for those of us who struggle to meditate silently – since most of us are overstimulated and the stark contrast can be jarring
  • Why sitting with yourself in the in-between moments of your day instead of filling them with noise can help you tap into your own voice
  • How to build a sense of identity separate from the value you add to the world through your relationships 
  • The exact question to ask yourself when you’re getting in her own head or feeling self conscious 
  • How taking specific inventory of your day at the end of each day can help clarify your soul’s desire and purpose
  • The very first thing you should do to start connecting with your intuition 
  • The ayurvedic practices that every single person can benefit from and start implementing today
  • Why kitchen medicine can actually be more potent than supplementation for both getting well and staying well
  • Recipes you can use to integrate spices into your life daily, including the simple 2 ingredient drink Radhi enjoys before bed 
  • Why you should buy your spices whole and grind them up at home

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