Did you snag a bottle of  ‘Flowers For My Love’ 🌸 – our brand new, soothing nervine tincture? If so, bookmark this delicious and uplifting rose + mezcal cocktail for your next girls night or date night! We love this specialty drink because it brings out all the flavors: the smoky, the sweet, the sour, the tart, and the floral to make a delicate, warming cocktail you can’t help but savor every sip of. Adding bitters is the secret to an incredible drink, so why not use a blend with moving, blood + libido-supporting benefits?


2oz mezcal (leave out for mocktail version)
1 grapefruit, squeezed 
1-2 tbsp culinary rose water 
1 lime, squeezed
1 full dropper of Flowers For My Love 
Salt + honey for rim
Dried rose petals to garnish

Enjoy and remember to take time and pleasure in each step of making this cocktail – pleasure is part of the medicine. ❤️

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