I’m eating my watermelon salad-style today with fresh mint leaves, a nice drizzle of olive oil, and generous salt & pepper!

The other day, my teacher brought up an interesting point.

She asked, why do you think we keep salt and pepper on every table?

We all said for seasoning/flavor of course, but she actually described them as important digestive helpers.

  • Salt (NaCl) contains chloride and thus stimulates & provides a building block for our very own digestive juices (HCl).
  • Black pepper on the other hand is a medicinal, pungent herb that increases your ability to absorb ALL other the nutrients, herbs and spices in your meal.

If you have any of our products (such as our ParaPro formula or immune shroom mushroom capsules), you’ll notice that we include a powerful extract of black pepper (“bioperine”) in everything we make! That’s because bioperine is shown to increase the absorption of herbs and nutrients by up to ~200%.

So next time you reach for seasoning, remember that the black pepper you’re adding to your meals for ‘flavor’ is actually making your healthy ingredients and nutrients far more bioavailable to your cells.

Black pepper also increases “digestive fire” according to traditional medicine systems, due to its powerful yang (hot) energy.  I now look at my S&P shakers a bit differently, and appreciate all they do for my digestion  Thought you guys would enjoy this fun fact! x

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