It can feel pretty overwhelming to hand-pick thoughtful gifts for everybody in your life from scratch. Especially when there’s a deadline involved, it’s almost like you get analysis paralysis and want to give up entirely! We made holiday gift giving a no-brainer this year by curating stocking stuffer ideas for everyone on your list – from the busy mom to that friend who is obsessed with all things skincare.

Your friend that’s always sick 

Elderberry Immune Elixir – This syrup is seriously delicious yet unbelievably effective. Elderberries have been used to boost immunity for over 4,000 years because of their juicy phytochemical constituents. Our formula provides 6,400mg of fresh elderberries per serving (!) and can be taken at the first sign of sickness, all throughout cold and flu season, or before any travel.

Zinc Plus – Think of this as your traditional zinc supplement, but elevated. Quercetin, EGCG (the antioxidant in Green Tea) and orange peel complement zinc’s natural immune-supporting properties to ensure that you get the maximum bang for your buck. 

Microbiome Guard – A lung-supporting formula that keeps you breathing-free and easy. Microbiome Guard helps keep the gut-lung axis healthy which in turn keeps your respiratory system functioning at its best. 

The one who’s always doing too much

Adrenal Recovery – When it comes to stress management, adrenal support is the first order of business. This formula is a blend of our very favorite adaptogens to strengthen your body’s innate resilience over time so that you can tackle whatever is thrown your way. It’s made for those of us that get easily rundown or overworked.

Peace Juice – A few sprays of this is like hitting the chill out button. Peace Juice is made with ultra relaxing herbs like kava and passionflower that work together to instantly instill a deep sense of calm and relieve occasional anxiousness.

Mood Juice – This uplifting formula keeps your emotions balanced and your outlook positive. It’s full of brightening herbs and flowers that bring lightness to your days, especially when you’re in a particularly tough season of the year or life. 

The skincare enthusiast

Not your Average Probiotic – Happy gut, happy skin. Our probiotic supplement includes science backed strains that maintain proper pH of the skin, support a healthy protective barrier, and prevent blemishes and mild skin concerns through the gut-skin axis. 

Liver Juice – This potent formula is chock full of herbs that support the elimination of waste products through your body’s detoxification pathways. Burdock root in particular encourages open, healthy elimination channels so that your skin doesn’t have to take on that burden.

Zinc Plus – Zinc is well known for its ability to clarify the skin through its multifaceted approach. Its immune supporting properties strengthen your skin’s microbiome while zinc also plays a role in hormone health.

The friend with a sensitive stomach

Bloat BFF – The secret to eliminating bloat at its root. This fact acting formula gives you freedom to eat what you love without the uncomfortable side effects. Soothing herbs, punchy enzymes and a spore-based probiotic strain target maldigestion of protein and carbohydrates, gut dysbiosis, slow motility, and food triggers.

Digestive Juice – Our stab at the age-old tradition of taking digestive bitters before meals. When sprayed on the tongue before a meal, this formula gets your digestive juices flowing for optimal digestion and reduced bloating and gas. 

The Healer – A deeply nutritive and restorative herbal tea for gut health. It’s made with mucilaginous herbs that help to soothe and protect the lining of your GI tract, especially with continued use. 

The soon-to-be mama

Natal Nourish – A gentle formula that supports healthy fertility, pregnancy, and hormone balance. Herbs like yellow dock and nettle nourish your tissues and facilitate healthy nutrient absorption while red raspberry and red clover tone your uterus and strengthen your follicles and overall uterine health.

Mighty Minerals – Your daily (herbal) greens in a bottle. This pregnancy-safe formula is a delicious blend of nourishing herbs like nettle, alfalfa, and oatstraw – all known for their trace mineral content. It’s an easy, surefire way to get in your phytochemicals and boost your hydration.
Immune Shroom – A potent blend of 5 adaptogenic mushrooms designed to keep you feeling well all year long. Mushrooms are unique in that they support immunity by encouraging a balanced, engaged immune response – essentially bolstering your body’s innate wisdom.

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