Hey lovely people – I hope you are doing well! I have an awesome treat for you today with this elixir. Not only does it actually support healthy blood sugar, it tastes delicious. I had one for the first time in years this morning and it brought back so many memories from high school, when I first came up with it.

Here’s what happened:

In high school, I first began my journey of learning about nutrition. I was desperate to lose weight after years of yo-yoing and disordered eating habits – my relationship with food was emotional and difficult to say the least! I had just taken some diet pills that a friend gave me and they completely messed with my mood/metabolism/etc., so I decided to research how to eat for health instead of weight.

Along the way, I learned so much about my favorite organ, the liver, and how a depleted, overworked, or toxic liver could cause your body to release stress hormones and hold onto extra weight. I decided that instead of focusing on losing pounds, I’d focus on losing toxins – and thus, this drink was born!

I started reading about how honey is this magical food that our livers absolutely love, especially at night time. Honey has been considered sacred and medicinal by almost all traditional cultures. Ayurvedic Medicine states that if one suffers with fungus, rash, or itch; or if they have a hard time falling asleep at night, they can take a teaspoon of pure honey just before they go to sleep. They will sleep soundly (because the liver is happy – remember the “liver time” on the Body Clock is from 1-3 AM), and in due time they will become free from rashes.

And so, that’s what I did! As much as I hated the taste of honey, I took a whole teaspoon religiously every single night. I slept better, my skin, looked better, and the weight slowly but surely began to budge.

I thought to myself, OK – the honey is clearly speeding up my metabolism and helping my body use energy more efficiently. How can I take this a step further and incorporate it into my morning routine so that my liver and metabolism are fueled in the daytime, too?

This is where the cinnamon comes in.

I found out that cinnamon has a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels, and simultaneously increases insulin levels in the body. It imitates the biological activity of insulin and increases the metabolism of glucose. Since high blood sugar levels can lead to increased storage of fat by the body, cinnamon helps prevent this increased storage of fat and enables you to lose weight.

In addition, it influences the manner in which sugar is metabolized by the body and prevents the transformation of the metabolized sugar into fat. Studies show that abdominal fat is more sensitive to the effects of cinnamon than fat from other parts of the body.

I also read that cinnamon helps prevent the spread of cancer cells, halts the formation of stomach ulcers, and assists in curing bacterial infections. Woah – something that was good for my long term health, reduced my cancer risk, AND got rid of belly fat? Was I dreaming?! I was sold!

The Cinnamon Study

The active compound in cinnamon, which also gives it its flavor, is called cinnamaldehyde. In a Japanese study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology in 2012, two groups of mice were fed a diet high in sucrose and fat.

One group was given cinnamaldehyde daily, and the other was not. After a month, the scientists found that the mice taking cinnamaldehyde had lost visceral fat (which is the stubborn fat we accumulate on the belly), whereas the control group didn’t. They concluded that the cinnamaldehyde stimulated the metabolism of the fatty visceral tissue.

After learning all of that, I decided to mix my newly beloved cinnamon with honey, lemon, and hot water first thing in the mornings.


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  • Megan says:

    I don’t eat honey because I’m vegan. Are there any other foods that have similar benefits on the liver?

  • Dallas says:

    Hi Organic Olivia,
    I’m overweight and I really want to try this elixir! What is the best time to take this? at night or in the morning, after or before lunch? Also can I use sourwoood honey and just regular cinnamon? I will purchase the NZ honey down the road. I hope you reply to my questions. Thanks and have a wonderful blissful day! Dallas D. Murphy, NC

    • Organic Olivia says:

      Hey Dallas! I take this elixir 30 minutes before my meals (breakfast and lunch). You can use regular raw honey and cinnamon – try it out and see if your body responds well and if you see any progress. The NZ honey brings a whole new ball game of benefits but when I first started drinking this I used regular old organic raw honey 🙂

  • Abraham Manzo says:

    What about raw honey??

  • Daisy says:

    How long would one have to consume this before starting to see results? I’m normally very low-sugar (of any kind, natural or not) and it makes me nervous that this addition of honey will make me gain rather than lose. Also, when you shared your booklet at school, did others have the same weight loss success by drinking your concoction? 🙂 I have a very, very slow metabolism with stubborn belly and thigh fat. Despite eating organic, dairy-free, minimal grains (and I’ve gone completely grain free in the past), and lots of vegetables, my weight and body composition looks like I indulge in Starbucks and french fries. (Sigh) I’ve done an intense yoga regimen that left me strong, but no thinner. I’m active, drink water, etc, but still unable to lose that extra fat that has crept on over the years. I want to give this a try! Here’s hoping it’ll help…

    • Sienna says:

      Hey Daisy! Your story is very similar to mine. My diet is the best its been all my life (low sugar, dairy free, gluten free etc.) and yet I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. Really considering that it is a gut or hormonal imbalance now after 2 years of eating well and exercising and yet I’m gaining weight still. Very annoying!! Have you given the elixir a go yet? If so, any success? I think I’m going to give it a try for 2-3 weeks and then evaluate from there.

  • Aicha says:

    This sounds great! I, myself, have problems with being overweight and I’m currently on day 5 on a Low Carb High Fat diet and I’m also in high school.
    I have two questions though, while you were in high school and drinking this drink, what type of foods were you eating? Also, what would you advise me to do? Would you recommend that I try this, if yes, what would you advise me to eat on a daily basis? Cause honey has a lot of carbs, and in a Low Carb High Fat diet, honey has too many carbs to take in and eat.
    I really want this to last long and not just for it to be a temporary weight loss. I really hope you answer cause I’m desperate for help, I’m 16 and being overweight has made me feel so insecure about myself…I feel bad every time I look myself in the mirror and I just want to feel happy with my body, so I would appreciate it so much if you could help me out! Thank you!

  • Emma says:

    Hi Olivia! I really love you blog, you do a great job at informing and sharing your findings! I really enjoy your blog posts and instagrams (where I found you initially! 🙂 )
    I was curious if you could recommend a vegan alternative to the honey? What properties does it bring to the drink, and could I mimic it with a different natural sweetener?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Organic Olivia says:

      Hey Emma! Thank you SO much for your kindness! The honey brings sweetness to tonify the “spleen” (AKA digestive process in terms of Chinese Medicine lingo). It also of course contains a ton of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc. I bet blackstrap molasses would be the perfect vegan alternative 🙂

  • Maria says:

    Hi Olivia
    I am in need of your help. First of all I’d like to thank you for everything you do! I admire you as a woman and a as great human being… Your advices have helped me a lot in SO many ways:) , but now I am facing another issue…. It’s regarding the flu vaccine. I am not a believer of it but my job requires me to get it or I would lose my job. I don’t know how you feel about the flu vaccine because I have not seen any info on your web site. My question is, when I do get it, I would like to some how do a really good detox and I was wondering if you could help me with that? I am not alergic to the things in the vaccine and my religion unfortunately approves the vaccine so my only hope is you. Please any info would be a greatly appreciated.
    Your friend,

  • Valerie says:

    I can’t wait to try this!! Question. I am currently doing the parasite cleanse. Can I still drink this? Or should I wait till I finish up the cleanse?!
    Thanks 🙂

    • Organic Olivia says:

      Hey Valerie! 🙂 You can totally drink this during the parasite cleanse. Cinnamon is a great candida and parasite killer. I think that would be a great idea! xx

  • Dallas says:

    Hi Olivia,
    I started with the elixir and I really like it, and I can tell my system did too! but I have one more question for you, is there a specific reason why you should drink this tea before you eat? Also, do you recommend it before bedtime? I appreciate the reply! Thank you. Dallas

  • Alex says:

    Hi Olivia. Thank you for this recipe. I have a question. I usually drink water with squeezed lime or lemon, cayenne pepper and raw honey. Do you think I could add cayenne in your recipe too? Thanks!

  • day says:

    How long did it take for you to actually see results?

  • Melissa says:

    What about the kind of cinnamon? I have read for teaspoon amounts that Ceylon is the ideal cinnamon. Is this information the same as you have found?

  • Lisa says:

    What about Honey New Zealand 100 Percent Raw Organic Wild Rata? Would this be something that would give you the same benefits as Manuka?

  • Kristen says:

    This sounds delicious and like a perfect beverage especially for those chilly, damp months that are upon us 🙂 Good call on the ceylon cinnamon. Most cinnamon found in the local grocery store is the cassia cinnamon, which is not medicinal. Ceylon, or true cinnamon (latin name Cinnamomum Zeylanicu) is what you want. Typically, if it’s true cinnamon it should include the latin name on the bottle, too, but it doesn’t look like the Frontier one does! True cinnamon makes such a difference. Can’t wait to give this a try once I get myself more true cinnamon.

  • SiddSter says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Is it okay to use bottled lemon juice instead of lemon juice freshly squeezed?

  • Monica says:

    I just made it and I loved it, I was a little scared that the ACV was going to over power but it didn’t, this has just replaced my coffee in the mornings.
    thank you Olivia =)

  • Lauren says:

    Thanks for this recipe! I’ve tried a few mornings now and it tastes great, but the consistency is just a little slimy. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong? Thanks 🙂

    • Organic Olivia says:

      I found the same sliminess factor when I was using cassia cinnamon. It totally depends on the variety of cinnamon. I switched to Vietnamese cinnamon and now I no longer have the problem.

  • Jill says:

    Hi I have been using your recipe for about a month, someone mentioned that certain types of cinnamon are not safe to use daily. I’ve been reading about cassisa cinnamon and wonder what your opinion is.

    • Organic Olivia says:

      I use either Ceylon Cinnamon (the absolute safest) or Vietnamese Cinnamon in moderation when I really want a kick.

  • Tiayana says:

    My question is :
    I use organic honey – im not sure if this is the same as ” RAW” honey.
    It is all organic and it is nore solid looking then liquidy ha ha.
    Also – how long until you started seeing results?

  • Gabriela says:

    I Love the idea. I want to try this soon! You are awesome for responding to everyone! Thank you for all the knowledge you share!!! Gotta google/amazon that Vietnamese Cinnamon, never heard of it. Do you have any recommendations for natural energy? I’m wanting to give up coffee? Currently having Pomegranate White Tea.
    Thanks Gorgeous! Xoxo

    • Organic Olivia says:

      Let me know how it goes! You’re very welcome. I like the herb “rhodiola” for natural energy and a boost in mood 🙂 xx

  • irene says:

    Would like more info thanks

  • Elsi says:

    Cinnamon from the Cinnamomum zylanicum, is that safe? That is the one I have now.

  • Staci says:

    Hello Olivia!
    Thank you so much, your information is truly invaluable. You have a beautiful spirit. I drink ginger tea with acv every morning. Is it ok to mix acv, cinnamon, ginger, honey, and lemon? I tried it this morning and it was absolutely delicious. Thank you in advance for your response.

  • Hello, my mother does this but she also adds pure apple cider vinegar with mother and she lost 30 lbs so for in about 3 months I tried it but can’t stand the taste of it maybe if I take the vinegar separate cause I know there are tons of health benefits from it. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a little over a year ago and refused the shot they wanted me to give myself daily and haven’t been back since then instead I take natural stuff and I’m doing great thank god 🙂 I’m so very thankful I am doing as well as I am. I’m going to give this mix another try I really need to lose weight I gained from steroids the doctors had me on.

    • lauren says:

      dont need acv just use ceylon cinnamon and raw honey. boil water n it completely then add honey. drink half cup before breakfast half cup before bedtime. avoid ALL gluten food products and take selenium capsules

  • Carolina says:

    I’m allergic to lemons (and oranges, grapefruits), can I substitute it with something else? Maybe with apple cider vinegar? Thank you!

  • Samina says:

    Hi olivia can u plz help me with weight loss i hv used many other things n now tried cinnamon as well bt nothing seems to b working for me, what should i do????

  • Cris anne says:

    Thank you for the recipe…i am going to try it..

  • Kathy Hidalgo says:

    How long should I do this to see results ir when did you? & How many times a day?

  • Jennifer says:

    Olivia, I began drinking this about 5 days ago using the Ceylon cinnamon. I had no idea that there were different kinds of cinnamon. What a joy it is to just smell the Ceylon cinnamon, let alone taste the difference from the Cassia type! I really didn’t think that something as easy as this would give me any results. Boy, was I wrong. I have noticeably baggy clothing just by the end of this 5 day period. I want my boyfriend to grab my middle instead of wanting him to avoid that area like the plague. Thank you so much for publishing this. And, may many more inches drop from my middle and anyone else’s who tries this tummy-melting miracle!

  • Sevara says:

    Is it ok, if I’ll not add honey?

  • Hi Olivia I use your recipient cinnamon & honey but is safe to use cinnamon from the super market with raw honey or organique honey

  • Christine Avalos says:

    Hi in just trying out the honey n cinmona today as i txing tis, hope all goes well. Im not looking foward to excersise, or food dieting but i am going to give it a try. My grandaughter had told me about tis weight loss tea, n she used it n she really loss a lot, but than she stop, n gain right back. But she is starting it bk up. N going to follow the right directions..Thank u

  • Stephenie says:

    Unfortunately I don’t see any comments from people that have tried this. I would like to see some comments from people who have tried it and whether it worked or not.

    • lauren says:

      Im doing it; i lost 5 lbs in 5 days. its incredible. Ill never b without it again. but use ceylon cinnamon as the normal cassia variety causes liver damage in short order

  • Elba says:

    Can ginger be added to this drink?

  • Stormy says:

    What about the same as what you did but with Apple Cider Vinegar added?

  • alina says:

    thank you so much. can i use cinnamon and lemon only?

  • Kris says:

    Curious if I could substitute some type of tea for the plain hot water?

  • emerose says:

    hi olivia,
    can i try drinking cinnamon with only water unto it?can it help me also lose weight?

  • Felipe says:

    Hello O.Olivia, would it be okay to still have a glass of coffee after or will it cancel out the magic cocktail? I was investigating the rigged finger nail originally and kept on reading. Thanks for the great tips.. I’ll be sure to subscribe!

  • Felipe says:

    I forgot to ask if you can use lemon juice from a bottle or just stick with the daily squeeze?

  • Maureen says:

    Can I just use Cinnamon powder boiled in water without lemon and honey?

  • Piya says:

    How many days it Will take to weight loss????

  • Zandiswa Matinise says:

    hi there is this mixture good for my mother she got diabeties

  • Melissa says:

    How long before seeing results? I have battled the stomach for years since I’ve had babies and nothing seems to work. Want to try this but sometimes I get frustrated and maybe don’t give it long enough!!

  • Priscilla says:

    Hi Olivia. I’m 64. Is it safe for my age? I got lots of belly fat. My supply of cinnamon comes from the EU. Is that ok. Packaged by Schwartz. I’ve no problem with honey. Is it ok to take before bed time? Thanks in anticipation

  • Priscilla says:

    Do I need to do this mixture once for each day or each time I need to drink it i.e before breakfast and before lunch as prescribed

  • Carlo says:

    Hi Olivia,
    How does the tea work for a diabetic person, is the honey safe to take since Im trying to aviid all sugar? Thank you

    • Dana says:

      Hi Carlo, we’d suggest working with a holistic doctor / naturopath as they’d be best to guide you – Dana @ Team Organic Olivia

  • Aru says:

    Thank you so much for this, Olivia! Ever since I have started making this drink almost everyday, I have lost over 10 kg of my weight. Unfortunately I start work way too early so I don’t have time to make it right in the morning – by the time it cools enough to drink, I have to be on my way to work already, but I make it first thing in the office and usually maintain at least the 30 mins before breakfast timing. Sometimes I remember to make it before lunch too, but not always. Since I have started many other things, I don’t know how much of an effect this drink has, but it tends to give me more energy in my sleepy mornings so I love it either way!

  • dana says:

    Yes – Team Organic Olivia

  • Gabrielle says:

    Your latest InstaStory reminded me about this drink & I’ve been making it for a week now. I haven’t been tracking my weight yet, but I have noticed my skin is purging a little bit. What I had concluded was a mole on my face for the past FOUR YEARS turned out to be a pimple I was finally able to extract. Every time I attempted to get rid of it nothing came out and it would just scab over and stay there. I believe this drink helped expel it out of my skin. This will definitely be part of my daily routine for a while! 🙂 Thank you so much for posting this recipe.

  • Patricia Rosario says:

    Hi Olivia,
    Hope you’re well. I have a question on your Cinammon Elixer. On your blog you stated you had a tsp of honey before bed every night then started incorporating the cinammon in your morning drink. You suggested having 30 min before breakfast and lunch. My question is, do I take before breakfast and lunch and before bedtime just a tsp of honey or do I do the full elixer – honey, cinammon & lemon before breakfast lunch and bedtime. Also is there a reason for not taking before dinner as well?

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Patricia! Yes, I take the drink before breakfast and lunch, then I do a spoonful of plain honey before bed. You can certainly do the cinnamon elixir with honey again before bed if you want, but I don’t like to have hot spices too close to bedtime so that my sleep is undisturbed! x

  • Samantha says:

    Hi Olivia!
    One question – is it better to drink right upon waking or 30 min before meals? I wake up around 6am but don’t eat my breakfast until 9-10am.

  • PatBenatar says:

    Can you make a pitcher of the ACV Detox Apple Drink and how many times should you drink it a day and for how long???? And can you email me back with answers PLEASE!!!!!! And how long before you can tell it is working

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