Most people – including my very human self – resist the things we need the most. When we know something is going to shake us up and change us (even though it’s for the best), we resist.

We like comfort, we settle… we build ourselves a nest in that stagnation and call it home.

But as we continue to be STUCK… as the dust builds up around us, the flow of energy does as well – creating blockages in our path that are the manifestation of that unresolved stagnation. And there are universal laws of physics that even we’re no exception to – especially that every action has an equal & opposite reaction. Instead of asking “why me?” we must realize that these blockages, hurdles, and problems that are manifesting in our lives are not here to hurt us, but rather they are a gift – they’re an exact response to the feelings or actions we’re avoiding so that we’re forced to FACE them once and for all. The answer is already in the question, and the antidote always requires a bit of the poison, so facing our pain through the mirror of what we’re resisting is the ONLY way to get us to take action. Pain = growth, ALWAYS.

We will continue attracting this opposition until the lesson is learned, and whatever we don’t deal with now will resurface in a different context. The lesson repeats as needed. Just like water flooding a dam, energy that we’re resisting can only be ‘stuck’ for so long. These catalysts – or “problems” that we perceive as “negative” – must exist to get us to push through to the next level. Keep going. I see you, I love you. ❤️

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