Are you curious why in an age of hyper advanced technology and science we are sicker than ever? Do you want to better understand your own body and symptoms from both a spiritual and scientific perspective? On this week’s episode of What’s The Juice Podcast, we go DEEP into planetary and human health and how they are far more connected than we ever imagined.

Zach Bush, MD, is a renowned physician, researcher, and educator at the forefront of integrative medicine and regenerative agriculture. With a diverse background in internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care, Zach has truly done everything from delivering babies to working on the front lines of cancer research. After realizing that no matter how much money we make or how much we achieve in the field of science, we are only getting sicker, he  

transitioned away from the conventional medical field to become an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the human microbiome and soil health. When you boil it down, his essential philosophy is that all health issues come back to how we treat our soil. As we slow wayyy down, stop commodifying and over-consuming, and, instead, focus on restoring our relationship with the soil beneath our feet, we are able to re-establish our relationship with our souls, each other, and our bodies.

In this heart-centered episode, we discuss how we are experiencing a chronic disease crisis and why this is really an expression of an ecosystem collapse around our planet right now. Zach shares his opinion that disease doesn’t happen to human bodies, rather, disease emerges from bodies that are disconnected from nature. We also talk about the connection between cancer cells and human isolation, the role of viruses in our genetics and evolutionary trajectory (including COVID), the far reaching impacts of glyphosate (and its antidote!), and what we can do to reconnect to nature. And, to top it all off, Zach sprinkles in pearls of wisdom about letting  old versions of yourself die so that you can usher in a more aligned version, and the idea that your symptoms are really a message from the universe – because we had to get a little woo woo, too.  


  • The misleading belief that disease happens to human bodies, rather than the paradigm that disease emerges from bodies disconnected from nature
  • Why “alternative medicine” is becoming just another version of conventional medicine with expensive IV drips and one-size-fits-all protocols
  • Why truly witnessing one other and establishing community are essential for healing and creating a new social framework
  • Why the wireless communication network between microbiomes and human cells play a crucial role in our health
  • The wonder of the virome (the millions of viruses living within you that shape humanity’s evolution) and the genetic upgrades that viruses offer us
  • The role of viruses in sickness AND health, as they highlight the importance of rest 
  • Why we experience strange, vivid, or even lucid dreams when we have a virus
  • The wisdom of long COVID and what’s actually happening in your body and spirit when you experience long haul symptoms 
  • Why going through sickness and pain pushes you forward until your new vision for yourself can PULL you forward
  • How often part of the old you/your old life needs to die so that you can see the vision for the new you
  • How to diversify your microbiome not just by eating different foods, but by changing your daily habits (even the route you take home from work matters!)
  • Why people in the blue zones live as long as they do & why it’s actually their approach to human connection that matters, not beans
  • Why the antidote to glyphosate lies in pockets of ancient soil 

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