Two years ago (woah — I can’t believe it’s been that long!), I wrote a blog post about Traditional Chinese Medicine’s “Body Clock” – a 24 hour clock that illustrates how Qi (vital life force) moves through the body at different times of day. If you missed that blog post, click here to read it first and get all caught up!

Here’s the short version: each 2 hour windows highlights when our organ systems are at their peak of action.

For example, during sleep, Qi is drawn inward to restore the body. That’s why the liver is so active between 1-3 AM; it’s cleansing the blood and processing waste accumulated throughout the day. If you wake up between 1-3 AM or experience insomnia at this time, your liver needs more support via choline- & sulfur-rich foods.

I’m always urging people to make sure they’re fast asleep at this window to achieve clearer skin with less eruptions from an ‘angry’ liver!

Let’s talk about the kidney meridian

Today I want to expand on that post and talk about the kidney meridian. From a Western perspective, the kidneys perform important filtration functions in the body. But from a TCM perspective, their “system” view includes the adrenal glands, reproductive energy, and mental capacity/memory.

The kidneys also work with the lungs to “receive” energy (Qi) from the breath. Therefore, weakness in the kidney meridian can manifest as shortness of breath and anxiety/panic attacks (along with many more symptoms, especially including the reproductive system and libido). The emotion that relates to the kidneys is fear, so trauma and stress will weaken this meridian.

Those with adrenal fatigue who have been under long periods of stress (hello American lifestyle) can greatly benefit by strengthening this system!

As you can see from the chart at the top, 5-7PM is kidney time. This is not only great for an adrenal-healing meal (sweet potato!), it’s also perfect for meditation. If you have a kidney imbalance, you may feel drained or experience racing thoughts/anxiety at this window. But by using this time frame for meditation, you are completely recharging the adrenals when they’re MOST active and exhausted! It will allow your kidney system to receive Qi from the lungs through deep cleansing breaths, which will translate into FAR more energy and emotional stability the next day.

Sending lots of love, happy meditation! xoxo, Organic Olivia

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