Confused on where to start if you have IBS, SIBO, or can no longer eat the foods you love without reacting? Tried every gut protocol in the book, eating more fiber and still not making progress with your digestive health? On this week’s episode of What’s The Juice Podcast, we’re going to be breaking down a new development in the world of gut protocols that actually helps to re-feed and restore the species of bacteria you need to lower inflammation and feel better in the long term.

Dr. Alexis Cowan, PhD is a microbiome researcher and high-performance holistic health mentor with a specialty in gut and metabolic health optimization. In this episode, we cover her comprehensive, 3-step protocol to restore your good bacteria – designed to help those with IBS, chronic digestive distress, food sensitivities, blood sugar issues and more. Alexis talks about the top populations of beneficial gut bacteria you need to thrive, and how to feed each one with highly specific therapeutic foods (like apple peels or red berries) and revolutionary tools like HMOs (human milk oligosaccharides). We chat about how to feed your bifidobacteria if you weren’t breastfed and explore why it’s important to embark on a 2-4 week preparation phase ahead of a gut protocol in order to reduce gut inflammation and stop the vicious cycle before re-feeding the bugs you need. Other topics include high protein diets and constipation, the connection between blood sugar spikes and fungal overgrowths, and why low FODMAP diets aren’t a sustainable treatment for SIBO if you don’t have an exit strategy!

Alexis’s health journey stems back to her childhood, where she experienced a multitude of health issues including Lyme disease, mold exposure, recurring strep throat, and inflammation-driven obesity. After being consistently failed by the standard medical model, she took her health into her own hands in high school, losing 100 pounds: an experience that opened her eyes to the importance of personal responsibility when it comes to reclaiming health. Following her weight loss, Alexis developed IBS and disordered eating, two conditions that she successfully resolved through a journey of self-discovery and rigorous scientific study. After completing her doctoral research in a metabolic physiology lab at Princeton in 2021, Alexis started her private practice to support curious, open-minded, and self-motivated individuals in the reclamation of their own health and sovereignty.


  • How Alexis’ own 100lb weight loss experience impacted her gut health
  • How we can leverage “functional microbes” to reverse food intolerances for good (like her dairy intolerance!)
  • The specific gut protocol that healed her gut microbiome and many of her clients’ long term symptoms
  • Where to start if you suspect you might have IBS or SIBO + the easiest way to tell if your gut is inflamed
  • Why 2-4 weeks of a “preparation phase” with diet changes and inflammation-busting supplements may be needed before embarking on a gut protocol
  • How tools like omegas, hesperidin (found in orange peels) and molecular hydrogen can help reduce gut inflammation and break the cycle
  • Why low FODMAP diets aren’t a long term, sustainable treatment for SIBO
  • How to properly get off an elimination diet 
  • Why carnivore and keto diets can provide incredible results in the short term but can negatively impact the microbiome in the long term 
  • Why high protein diets (without enough plants) can cause constipation and discomfort
  • The profound link between high blood sugar, type 2 diabetes and fungal overgrowth
  • What to eat to optimize your beneficial gut bacteria (especially red pigmented foods)
  • The power of cooked and cooled carbs (potatoes, beans, rice) as a resistant starch source for the gut bacteria that boosts your metabolism
  • Why medical research can be misleading because it often only studies things in isolation
  • How to use biohacking tools to build innate wisdom and develop your own intuition around your symptoms and what’s really going on
  • Her take on functional lab testing, parasites and other buzzy topics on social media 
  • How to get all the gut benefits of breastfeeding if you’re not able to breastfeed or were not as a child 
  • Why toxic relationships can be just as detrimental as poor sleep or digestive health

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