Did you know that deep breathing, like the breathwork we talked about in Millana Snow’s What’s The Juice episode, can actually help pump your lymphatic system?

This is one of the most important reasons to take time each and every day to deeeeep breathe, even if it’s just for 5 minutes while you’re sitting outside, driving or folding laundry. 

Why Moving Your Lymph is Important

Your lymphatic system is the largest circulatory system in your body. While our blood (cardiovascular) circulatory system brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to our cells, the lymphatic system is actually the ‘garbage collector’ that carries and filters waste products away from every nook and cranny — including even the brain!

Yup… every single time you take a moment to breathe deeply or engage in breathwork, you are literally helping to clear waste from your brain.

Signs your lymph is backed up can include: ⁣
• headaches and migraines⁣
• brain fog
• water retention and edema⁣
• swollen glands⁣
• heaviness in the limbs/abdomen⁣
• chronic sinusitis⁣
• joint pain and arthritis⁣
• frequent cold/flu/infections⁣

Benefits of moving your lymph regularly include: ⁣
• more immune cell circulation = better immunity⁣
• more efficient detoxification⁣
• improved blood circulation⁣
• increased waste elimination from cells and tissues including the brain⁣
• less swelling and bloating⁣
• clearer mind and more energy⁣

Moving Your Lymph: Physical Exercise Edition

While intentional deep breathing is one of our favorite lymph moving methods, exercise and singing both help you kill two birds with one stone by a) manually moving your skeletal muscles, and b) getting you to take deep breaths without even realizing it. Our favorite exercise-based lymphatic movers include:

1. Going for a walk (yes it’s as simple as that!)

2. Weight training

3. Rebounding (who knew jumping on a trampoline as a kid could be so good for you?)

4. Jump rope

5. Yoga

6. Singing

7. Deep belly breaths

Moving Your Lymph: Wellness Edition

The practices below also involve our physicality, but rather than focusing on exercise alone, they incorporate specific modalities (sometimes requiring a trained practitioner). Acupuncture isn’t just helpful for pain, tension, and regaining homeostasis… the needles actually help your lymph, too.

8. Acupuncture

9. Cupping

10. Gua Sha

11. Face rolling

12. Dry brushing

13. Lymphatic drainage massage

14. Optimizing sleep (for that brain/glymphatic clearance!)

Anything you can do from this list daily helps, and the more you can stack these habits (ie singing while you dry brush!) the more fun and effective they’ll be.

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